We have been informed by the school district that we are no longer able to use the service road that leads to the pool at El Diamante.  NO DRIVING DOWN THE SERVICE ROAD TO PICK UP AND/OR DROP OFF YOUR SWIMMERS.  ADDITIONALLY, NO PARKING IN THE LOT NEXT TO THE POOL.  There was an incident that involved a teacher and we have been warned that if our membership continues to use this road and back parking lot, we will be EVICTED from the pool.  Meaning, we will no longer have a pool to use!  (Coaching staff excluded).  

It is imperative that everyone follow this rule.  Families must PARK IN THE FRONT next to the gym (corner of Akers & Whitendale).  Because of the risk, I am implementing a warning system for our families:

  1. First Warning:  Parent/Guardian will be asked to move their car immediately.  Failure to remove car will result in swimmer being removed from practice.  
  2. Second Warning:  Parent/Guardian will be asked to move their car and swimmer will not be allowed to practice (or removed from practice if already in the water).  Failure to remove car will result in the dismissal from the team. 
  3. Third Warning:  Family will be dismissed from the team.  

The above "warning system" goes into effect tonight, Wednesday, September 4th.  

Please pass this message on to anyone who drives your swimmers to practice.  It is important that we stay in good standing with the school district, as they own all the pools in Visalia!  If we are removed from El Diamante, our team will not have a pool to use for practice. Let's make sure we stay in good standing so our swimmers have a place to swim!

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.