All New & Returning Parents are Invited to the Aquatics Board

The parents of BVHS swimmers, divers, and water polo players join together with the school district and the coaches to provide our superior aquatics program here at Bella Vista. 

Help us continue this tradition and keep giving our kids the opportunities to participate at the top of their league! 

Join the volunteer board to make it happen. 

Here are the dates for the BV Aquatics board meetings.  The board meetings start at 7 pm and are often no longer than an hour. They will be held in the library unless noted. September 16th and April 13th are the only meetings not held on the first Monday of the month.  

Sept 16 (third Monday)

Oct 7

Nov 4

Dec 2

Jan 6- classroom A3

Feb 3

Mar 2

April 13 - classroom  A4 (second Monday)

May 4

June 1- classroom A5  

Hope to see you there!