Notice of Junior Coach Representative Election

Head Coaches and Club Presidents, please forward this email to any coaches who may not be receiving emails from Michigan Swimming


This email will hereby serve as the official notice of the election of the Junior Coaches Representative to the Michigan Swimming Board of Directors. Per Michigan Swimming Rules and Procedures, the term of the current Senior Coaches Representative will end at the conclusion of the annual House of Delegates Meeting (September 22, 2019) and the Junior Coaches Representative will then become the Senior Coaches Representative. This leaves a vacancy in the Junior Coaches Representative position to be filled via election by the Coach Members of Michigan Swimming prior to the start of the House of Delegates meeting on September 22th, 2019.



Any certified coach who is in good standing with Michigan/USA Swimming is eligible to run. Any certified coach may nominate themselves for the election. Coaches may also nominate any other certified coach, but the nominee must accept the nomination. No coach shall be placed on the ballot without his/her consent. To submit your name for nomination, and be on the official ballot, please email . To nominate another coach, you shall seek their approval first, and then email me your nomination AND carbon-copy (cc) them as well. Upon receipt, I will contact the nominee to verify their acceptance of the nomination. Nominees, who wish to include a biography and/or outline on why they would be a good candidate may do so prior to the deadline as well. The deadline for having your name placed on the official ballot will be September 15th, 2019 at 11:59PM. After that deadline, any certified coach wishing to run must do so from the floor of the election, and their name can be written in on the ballot. A list of candidates will be emailed to all Coach Members early in the week of September 16th. Also, a list of nominees and any accompanying bios (that were received by the deadline) will be posted to the Coaches tab on the Michigan Swimming website.


Election Duration

The election will begin at least 30 minutes prior to the start of the House of Delegates meeting and will conclude upon the House of Delegates meeting being called to order. Currently, the start time of the meeting is still being determined. Therefore, the start of the Junior Coaches election is also to be determined. Upon confirmation of the House of Delegates start time, I will send out the official start time of the Junior Coaches Representative election.



All currently certified coaches, who are present, at the meeting may receive a ballot. There is no voting by proxy or absentee ballot, and coaches must be present at the meeting and turn in their own ballot. A list of currently certified coaches will be maintained by the Michigan Swimming Office, and will be used when requesting your ballot. Coaches who are not certified will NOT receive a ballot, so please be sure you are up to date on all of your certifications. Ballots will be available for pickup prior and throughout the election. You must turn in your legible ballot to the Michigan Swimming Office (or designee) prior to the closing of the election for it to be counted.

Once the election period has ended, ballots will be counted by the Michigan Swimming Office and/or the designee. Results of the election will then be announced prior to the conclusion of the House of Delegates meeting. The newly elected Junior Coaches Representative’s term will begin at the conclusion of the House of Delegates Meeting.



Respectfully Submitted,

Patrick Wickering

Jr. Coaches Representative (2019)