Welcome to the 2019-2020 Season!

Hello LCSC families,

Welcome to the 2019-2020 TEAM COHO swim season! 
Your LCSC Coho coaching staff is rested and ready to work with you in achieving your goals in swimming.   We thank everyone for their interest in having fun learning new skills, and working hard to accomplish great goals. This is an exciting year with energetic and enthusiastic coaches ready to take the team to higher performance levels!  

Parents are encouraged to meet all coaches as we start the year.  The Coho Ice Cream Social and General Membership Meeting on September 25 are two good opportunities to say hello to our coaching team.  Also, coaches are available for parent interaction prior to, and following the end of practice sessions.

As we begin the new season, a few reminders:
~Check the website regularly to keep up-to-date with any announcements, events, and cancellations that may occur from time-to-time.  This is your best resource for information:

~Parents are to ensure children reach the pool area promptly and safely (15 minutes prior to start) and are picked up no later than fifteen minutes after the finish of instructional time. 

~Parents are welcome to stay and watch practice sessions.  Appropriate viewing areas for the practices are the spectator stands. USA Swimming insurance requirements state that no parents are to be on deck during practice sessions.

~All swimmers are expected to take a full shower prior to entering the swimming pool.  

~All common pool safety rules apply: walk, floors are wet and slippery; no horseplay, pushing, shoving; follow coaches’ directions the first time given.
~Stretching and other exercises are important to safe strength and skill development.  Learning and executing correct technique in all exercises builds strength and prevents injuries.

~During the first month of the new session, all swimmers should have goggles, swim suit, and towel.  Team caps will be provided to new swimmers.  

~A team swim suit fitting will be posted later this month.

~Equipment for each group is available through SwimOutlet:

September Events and Schedule Changes
Swim Training Begins September 9

All swim practices begin Monday September 9. 
Dry Land Training Begins October 7
As we begin the new season, scheduled dry land training will be delayed until the week of October 7.  This will allow athletes the opportunity to balance academic commitments and ease into the time involved in excelling at the state and national level.

September 25 (Wednesday): All practices canceled; 
Coho Ice Cream Social at Hand-D-Dipt Dairy Barn (4:30-5:30 p.m.)  
LCSC General Membership Meeting at Livonia Civic Center Library (6:00-7:30 p.m.)

All swimmers and parents are encouraged to attend.  Meet the Coho coaches at the Coho Ice Cream Social and then head over to the Livonia Public Library, meet the LCSC Board of Directors, and learn what our team offers as a year-round USA Swimming program.   This annual meeting is being held at 6:00 p.m. at the Civic Center Library Rooms A & B.  Both Coach Paul and Coach Vince are presenting annual and seasonal training plans for all levels of our swimmers.  Families will learn more about the vision, mission, and formal operations of our team, including: 
~LCSC Vision and Mission
~Overview of USA Swimming
~Navigating the Team Website
~The Scope and Purpose of Competitive Swimming

Other Pertinent Information

Goal Sheets
A personal swimmer goal sheet is an important communication tool between swimmer and coach.  It communicates the swimmer’s aspirations for the upcoming season.  As much as possible, it is important for the swimmer to independently complete their goal sheet in handwriting.  Coaches will explain how to fill out goal sheets at practice this week. Goal sheets are available at practice and on the team website, under the header “Resources,” and sub-header “Goal Sheets.”

We are looking forward to a fantastic season!  Stay tuned as the LCSC 2019-2020 Short Course Season launches!

Let’s Go, Cohos!
Vince Gallant, Head Coach
Paul Kraft, Lead Age Group Coach
Samantha Hart, Assistant Coach
Allie Robertson, Junior Assistant Coach