Weekly Update on August 26, 2019


Weekly Update


Whole Team: : There will be no practice Labor Day weekend (August 31st, September 1st and 2nd) 



  Reminder: No morning practice until Thursday, September 12th. 


S e n i o r B : No morning practice until Thursday, September 12th. 

Sorry for the confusion!!!


Gold and Platinum:   On September 14, Saturday  from 9:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m.at Bloedel Donovan Park Pavilion, Coach Patsy is having a half day retreat to discuss goal setting, making goals, and team building. More details to come….


Spotlight on:

The Aly Fell participants

2.5 K                               800 meters

Gavin Jones                               Derek Jones

Miles Cratsenburg                                                             Dylan Fisk

Jonah Herring                               Kateryna Isakova

Wyatt Carlton                               Michaela Lemcke

Julie Gill                                    Priyanka Costanzo

Mia Eide                                    Hayden Nelson

Nicholas Cowie                               Taylor Payton

Ansley Hardy                               Owen Reid

Tesse Ciatti                                         Michaela CIatti

Joey Slesk                                         Jazlyn Nelson 

Kai Author


It was a great turnout, and the event ran smoothly.  Thanks to everyone that came and volunteer!!

Special thanks to Suzanne Loeffelholz

What a wonderful event to honor Aly Fell!!