September Newsletter TEMPO


         September, 2019        Hello TEMPO

Welcome  back  to our competitive  swimming adventure!   Or…if you are a 

newcomer to TEMPO, an  especially big welcome!  TEMPO will be  swimming

on Mondays-Tuesdays-Wednesdays + Thursdays, White Group from 4:00-4:45,

Green and Blue from 4:30-6:00. You may choose the days you swim, however 

please be consistent with your choices.  There are NO requirements.


At TEMPO, our goals are simple. We’re here to learn how to learn, learn what

works best for us in the water, and have fun doing it.  And by the way, that’s 

usually how improvement happens. Challenges are kinda fun, too. If you’re

interested in the “Science of Swimming”, talk to Patti.


We  will  try again  to attend one meet per month.  I emphasize again the 

Importance  of the swim meet  experience  for  team bonding, learning by

watching other swimmers, and using meets as a measure of improvement.

And…there are lots of ways to improve besides faster times! Many swimmers 

are  apprehensive,  but  when we  do time  trials  and offer  challenges  at 

practice,  there   is  definite improvement.   Confidence  is an  Important 

dimension  to growing up, and swim meets help with that!    (At meets, the 

swimmers are placed  in  heats with other  swimmers of the same ability. )

 Plus, swimmers can win stuff, too. Gilroy is hosting  our   first  meet at  the 

Morgan Hill Aquatics Ctr. on the weekend of  October 5-6.  You may enter

on  either,  or  both days, and swim up to 3 events per day.       Go to…..   and  get  your name  and  events in NOW.  

The meet sheet says the entries close WED. SEPT. 25 BUT we all know if the

meet fills up (which it usually does) before that, you cannot get in. Please 

enter NOW and feel free to ask the coaches for help!!


Updates for all…Congratulations again to Coach Caitlin Matts who graduated 

from  Santa  Clara  University  in June,  with her Bachelor of Science Degree, in 

Microbiology. I’m telling you that ‘cause she’s really smart, so listen up!!

Coach Daniel Matts is settling in at UOP, as an Engineering Major.  We hope to 

see him at the pool on his school breaks.

AND… finally  our  Coach  Megan Routon  has returned from her  work at the 

orphanage  in  Mexico. She  is  beginning  her  Criminal  Justice studies at San 

Jose City College, so watch out!! Glad you’re back, Megan.


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