Parent Volunteer Opportunities
As we kick-off our 2019-2020 season, we are excited to celebrate where we are, how far we've come, and the amazing PATH in front of Paseo Aquatics, our awesome swimmers and families.  We, Paseo Aquatics, are a family.  We cheer on our teammates, our coaches, and our families. We are so thankful for the amazing families that have supported the Paseo Aquatics vision and are looking forward to many more years of excellence and progression for our swimmers and families.

With our Inter-squad Paseo Black and White meet just around the corner on Sept. 21st and another Paseo hosted regional meet, the Paseo SCY Fall Kickoff, Oct. 5-6th, we want to continue to celebrate and educate our families on the many ways you can continue to help us provide the best opportunities for our swimmers.  

USA Swimming is a national organization that was built and continues to thrive, because of the thousands that have donated their time, expertise, and talents.  All club teams thrive because of the amazing support of the families that offer their time, expertise, and talents. 

We have created a link to a summary of the many volunteer opportunities available and encourage you all to let us know the areas you think you'd be willing to assist. There are always lane timing opportunities and as a club, we are required to fulfill a certain percentage of those availabilities based on the number of swimmers we have competing.  In addition, when hosting our own meets, there are many more opportunities and requirements as a club, to be sure the meet runs smoothly for all participants. 

Please review the link which includes a brief article entilted 4 Reasons to Get More Involved with Your Kids Swim Team and sign-in to the Paseo Aquatics website and let us know how YOU can make a difference and continue to support our Paseo Aquatics family.  There are Job SignUp tabs next to the meets, please click on those tabs and sign up to help us today! 

If you have any questions regarding the many volunteer opportunities, please do not hesitate to email us so we can clarify any questions/concerns you may have.  Go Paseo Aquatics!"