EMAC: On-The-Horizon 9/9/19

Hello EMAC Families,

We have several items to communicate in our first edition of "On-The-Horizon" a weekly email/news series where we try to group information for easy communication and retrieval.  


Meet Date = Saturday, September 14th.  

Please note that the warm-up times and meet start times have been moved up:

  • Killer Bee Warm-Up:  7:00-8:00 am 
  • Wasp Warm-up: 8:00 am
  • Bees Warm-up: 8:20 am
  • Meet Start:  9:00 am

We had to switch the meet from Sunday to Saturday due to facility availability. Moving the meet up 1 hour will get everyone out of the facility prior to 1 pm, allowing everyone to have more time for their weekend enjoyment.    

Click HERE to see if your swimmer is accurately listed as attending.  If your swimmer is not listed and should be - if your swimmer is listed and shouldn't be - if your swimmer has issues with his/her entries, please email Coach Seth ASAP so that he can resolve that for you.  

Coaches Seth and Tim will be placing swimmers on either the Green Roster or Swarm Roster and communicating the teams later this week.   The two teams will compete on Saturday.


If the weather is nice, we will meet at the outdoor EMAC Pool following our intrasquad meet for one more day of swimming and grilling fun.  We will check the weather later in the week and update everyone regarding this part of the plan.  


This years Carly Rocks Clinic is Saturday September 21st.  Olympic Silver Medalist Connor Jaeger will be in attendance!  If you have't already signed up please sign up now and enjoy an exciting clinic day for a great cause.  You can sign up under the Team Functions tab on our website; the new flier for the clinic can be found  here .


D&J sporting goods will be at the pool Today - September 9th, from 5pm-7pm for anyone who wants to buy a new team suit and/or new practice equipment.  Please visit the stand set-up outside the pool and talk to the vendors.  Remember, an EMAC team suit is required for all meets.

The following items will be available at the fitting for swimmers to try on and order.  These items will be delivered to EMAC and we will then make the items available for pick up.   

  • EMAC Team suits for try-on
  • Speedo Warm-ups to try on
  • Speedo Backpack sample

The following items will be available at the fitting for try-on and purchase on a first-come, first-serve basis.  You will be able to take these items with you immediately.  If they run out of supplies, you can still purchase them by going to the store.

  • Group Equipment:  Fins, Paddles, Mesh bag, Tempo Trainer, Snorkels
  • Practice Suits 
  • Goggles


  • Don't panic!  If you cannot make the fitting, you can still get the above items at D&J.
  • If you would like to order an EMAC Team Parka, please contact D&J at their store.
  • We recommend only using the Team Suit for competitions.  You can and should purchase less expensive suits for practice.  Note that Team Suits and Practice Suits are listed above.


  • Meet Entries are currently up at the pool.  Please have your swimmer double check their entries so they know what they are swimming at each meet.  They can also use this oppotunity to discuss any event changes with their coaches.  Meets currently up are:
    • EMAC Intrasquad
    • EMAC/PAAC Pentathlons
    • Blue NT and Mini NT Buster
    • PAAC Fall Harvest
  • Meet commitments are due shortly for the following meets.  Please register now if you haven't already done so.
    • Alloy Alliance Leg 1 (Registration Due 9/10/2019)
    • EMAC Fall Invite (Registration Due 9/10/2019)
    • SJAC Gator Classic (Registration Due 9/20/2019)


Killer Bee Excel Group

There will be a Walk-Through at F13 Performance for the Killer-Bee EXCEL group from 6-7 pm on Tuesday, September 10th.

Parents and swimmers are invited.  There will be no actual workout.  Coach Matt is prepared for an introductory-level meeting.  

F13 Performance

  • 7562 Penn Dr
  • Suite 160
  • Allentown, PA 18106

Wasp Group

If you are in the Wasp group.  Please bring Dryland specific clothing to change into for practice every Tuesday and Thursday.  Proper clothing includes: Shorts, T-Shirt, Sweatshirt, Sweatpants, Yoga Pants, close toed shoes.  Jeans, Slides, and Crocs are not acceptable dryland clothing and you will be asked to sit and not participate for your own safety.  WATER BOTTLES ARE A MUST!


One of our team goals this year is to make it to Tokyo.  No, we will not be taking a literal flight to Tokyo.  With the upcoming Olympic year, we wanted to have some fun in challenging our swimmers.  There are 6707 miles from here to Tokyo.  We've come up with ways that swimmers can earn figurative miles toward Tokyo.  When your swimmer achieves something on the list below, they will help EMAC get closer to the Olympic celebration.  Once we "arrive" in Tokyo, we will plan a day during the following week to shut down practice and have a pizza party. 

Achievement miles are:

  • Personal best in an event = 1 Mile
  • 100 Percent Fastest Times (minimum of 5) in a meet = 5 miles
  • Silvers Champs cut in an event = 1 Mile
  • JO cut in an event = 3 Miles
  • Senior Champs cut in an event = 3 Miles
  • Junior National Cut = 100 Miles
  • Attend SJAC Meet = 1 Mile
  • Attend Champs Meet = 1 Mile
  • Attains an IMX score =10 Miles
  • Top-1000 USA Swimming IMX Rank = 5 Miles
  • Top-500 USA Swimming IMX Rank = 10 Miles
  • Top-200 USA Swimming IMX Rank = 50 Miles
  • Top-100 USA Swimming IMX Rank = 100 Miles
  • Achieves EMACULATE Swimmer in one season = 50 Miles
  • Triple Crown = 50 Miles
  • PIAA States Qualifier = 20 Miles
  • PIAA States B-Final = 50 Miles
  • PIAA States A-Final = 100 Miles
  • PIAA States Champion = 200 Miles

Every mile helps us achieve this goal.  Let's try to get to Tokyo as soon as we can!  Flight updates will become available as we complete each meet.


The last week we have spent a lot of time addressing group placement of swimmers in our age group program.  If you would like to discuss your swimmers group placement, or we missed a change in placement, please contact Coach Seth and we will work on getting that fixed before the next billing cycle.


  • AM Practices for Killer Bee Group begin September 16th
  • Coaches are almost done establsihing our 10 team goals for this season.  More will be communicated shortly.  The #1 goal, though, is to make it to Tokyo!!!
  • We are in the process of establishing Google Form Goal Sheets for the swimmers to fill out as a precursor to coach-athlete goals setting meetings.  Look for more info if you want your swimmer to participate in this optional service.

See you at the pool!