Applebee's Fundraiser!

Applebee’s Fundraiser FAQs

What do I need to do if I am in the White, Orange, Black or Junior Plus Groups?

Please join us for a fun breakfast at Applebee’s in Newtown between 8 and 10.  Each family is asked to sell a minimum of 4 tickets.  Join us and bring your friends!  Post on Facebook and Instagram!  Yes, Walk ins are encouraged!

What do I need to do if I am in the Senior or Senior Elite Group?

Seniors, before the season gets busy with school and for some of you HS swim, we are asking that you work at this fundraiser and help serve the flapjacks.  This is actually a lot of fun, and the staff is there to help us.  NO EXPERIENCE is required.  But some jobs require you to be in HS so we REALLY NEED YOU THERE!

How do I get my Tickets?

We will have them available at the pool this week on Monday, Wednesday, and a few days around the weekend.  You are asked to purchase and use, or sell a minimum of 4 tickets.  Please bring $28 (Cash/check/or we can bill your account).  Whatever is easiest for you. 

Can I pre-order tickets?

Yes!! If you would like to preorder tickets and cannot get to the pool please email Alizabeth at  We can bill then to your account and have them waiting for you (or your guests) at Applebee’s the day of the event.

Can I get more tickets?

YES!!!! Pick up extras at the pool and pay ahead of time (Cash/check/or we can bill your account). 

If I am volunteering do I still need to get my Tickets?

Yes Please!  We really appreciate everyone’s help, and in the case of the Seniors, parents this is your chance to make your kids wait on you!!  Join us and bring your friends!  Post on Facebook and Instagram!

How des the Flapjack fundraiser work?

$7 for breakfast is a pretty reasonable price, we hope to get the whole team and lots of friends there too!  We make $4.50 on every ticket sold!  (We also make tips so it is important for the seniors to provide great service – we know they will!!)

If I sell the most tickets – what do I win?

There are going to be prizes, and they are awesome!!!  And Coach Rich s not telling yet but believe me you want them!

If you have any questions please email Cherill at or Alizabeth at