The Week Ahead 2019-2020 (#2)

The Week Ahead 9/9-9/15

We hope that everyone is enjoying the start of their school year. 

In this Week Ahead:

  • Practice News
  • Facility News
  • Meet News:
  • Additional Information:
  • Important Dates: 
  • Countdown to Champs:
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Practices News: 

  • 9/09: Azul Goal Meeting 5:00-7:00 
  • 9/10: Azul Goal Meeting 5:00-7:00 
  • 9/11:  First Practice: Verde, Celeste, Celeste Plus, Azul 
  • 9/12: First Practice: High School Prep
  • 9/13: First Practice: @ MC-Germantown (Azul, Celeste, Verde swimmers only)
  • 9/16: Practices begin for Jr. Developmental
  • 9/24: First Azul Dryland 

The Temporary Schedule is posted under the “ Schedules Tab” on the TIBU website. The temporary schedule includes some extra practices to get the season started. The permanent schedule is available online and will begin once Quince Orchard opens for the season. 


Facility News: 

Minors on Campus: Per our agreement Montgomery College young athletes must be escorted to and from the facility. Young swimmers can access the pool deck from the viewing gallery or be escorted through the locker room. Please note that for the safety of our swimmers we will utilize the buddy system when traveling to the locker rooms once swimmers have been left on deck. 

Accessing Facility:

MC-Rockville: Campus Map, Use Parking lot 3 or Parking Deck 

  • From Lot 3: Follow the walkway to the double doors at the top of the handicap ramp. 

  • From Parking Deck: Turn left, and left again after exiting the parking lot. Take the stairs up to the double doors.

Once inside: 

  • Female Athlete: Take stairs down and walk to the end of that hall. The entrance to the ladies locker room is directly ahead. ( note the women's locker room is a bit of a maze.)

  • Male Athlete: Walk around the down stairs and follow the hallway to the right. The entrance to the men's locker room is across from the vending machine.

  • Parents/Guardians: Take stairs down, near the entrance to the women's locker room on the left hand side will be another set of stairs. These will lead you up to the observation gallery. 

MC-Rockville: Noise in the PE building: We are asking TIBU families to be mindful that classes are in session. The PE building does house some classrooms so please be respectful and keep the volume down while walking the halls. If you notice any loud groups of (college) students in or around the locker room entrances please inform the coaches so that we can make a note of it. 

MC-Germantown: Campus Map, Use Parking Lot 5

Quince Orchard is in the process of getting ready for the indoor season. Tentative Open date will be 9/20. Therefore all practices will be Mon-Fri at either MC-Rockville (MC-R) or MC-Germantown (MC-G) 

Parking Passes are currently unavailable.


Meet News: 

This is the first email request for Jr. Developmental & High School Prep Swimmers interested in participating in PVS meets. Interested families should email: info@swimtibu.com there is a separate registration fee $100 (which includes: USA-S & Potomac Valley registration, team cap & team shirt) 

  • Mako Invitational: 09/27-09/28: This meet is only open to competition level swimmers

  • October Open: 10/18-10/20: This meet is for 11 & Over swimmers (in Jr. Developmental and Above)

  • PAC Rockhopper Penguin 10 & Under Meet: 10/27: This is a 10 & under meet for all USA-S registered swimmers. 


Additional Information: 

  • Account Updates: Members can update most information on their accounts. Remember to always click SAVE before exiting.

    • Emails: Log In> My Account > My Account> Account Info>Enter up to 3 additional emails. 

    • SMS/Text: Log In>My Account > My Account> Account Info>Enter an SMS cell number and select its Carrier 

      • To add an SMS number for one of the athletes in the account, click the Members tab and then click their name; otherwise stay on the current screen.

    • Payment Information: My Account > Set Up Autopay>Add New Card or Add Bank Account> Save.



Important Dates:

  • 9/09 & 9/10: Azul Goal Meetings
  • 9/11: First Practice for Competition Swimmers
  • 9/12: First High School Prep Practice
  • 9/16: First Jr. Developmental Practice
  • 9/20: Practices at QOSTC begin (TBD)
  • 9/21: First Advanced & Stroke Clinic
  • 9/24: First Azul Dryland



  • RMSC Holiday Invite: 94 Days
  • PVS Jr/Sr Championships: 178 Days
  • PVS 14 & Under JO Championship: 185 Days
  • Cherry Blossom Championship: 173 Days
  • Speedo Sectionals: 199 days 
  • ISCA TYR International Junior Cup: 197 days