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NAC Dual Meet and practice Information

Combined Practice and Dual Meet with NAC

On Saturday, September 21st, we have a full morning of swimming with our friends at NAC.

Time line:
7:00-9:00am- All 13 and over swimmers are invited to swim a combined practice with NAC at the Centennial Sportsplex.
9:00-9:40am- Warm up for the 12 and under Dual Meet.
9:45am-12:15pm- 12 and under Dual Meet. 13 and over swimmers are asked to stay for timing. 

Registration for, and information about the Dual Meet can be found here.

Note: We have received information regarding road closures that will affect our getting into the Centennial Sportsplex for our dual meet with NAC on Saturday, September 21st. Please read through and plan accordingly.

Summary: The I 65, I 440 interchange along with Franklin Road will be closed the day of the Excel, NAC meet September 21.  You may want to alert the parents, swimmers in order to avoid a delay.