WE'RE BAAAACK...Stingrays News Update - week of 9/9/19

Are you ready? Are you pumped? Stingrays Swimming starts TODAY!!!

***momentary pause while you collect yourself after what was certainly an outburst of joy and excitement***

Welcome to the 2019-2020 Stingray swim season! We are very excited about the potential of this year’s team! We know that with the great coaching staff we have, the kids will improve month-to-month and FFYS will be a force to be reckoned with by the time the Championship Season rolls around!

For those of you that are new – we’re so happy to have you on our team!

For those who have been Stingrays before – get ready to show our new members that every day is an awesome day to be a Stingray!

You will get (at least) weekly updates from us to keep you connected with all the great things happening with the team. This will include:

  • Upcoming dates for events and meets
  • Practice schedule reminders
  • Swimmer of the Week announcements (starting in a couple of weeks!)
  • Information about Spirit Wear
  • Updates from Coach Rich about what each Practice Group will be working on for the upcoming week
  • …and much more! (I kind of feel like a game show host…)laugh

I encourage you to read these emails thoroughly. It’s WAY easier than missing out on something important! And I may or may not shame you if you ask me questions that are efficiently (and lovingly) answered in these newsletters. Just saying. cheeky

This week’s important news updates:

  • Mark your calendars for SEPTEMBER 25 – Ice cream Social and Merchandise Expo at North Farmington YMCA at 7pm.
    • This is where you can try on and purchase team suits! It’s important to get them ordered on September 25 so your swimmer will have their suit before our first meet!
    • We will also have tech suits available to try on – HIGH SCHOOL GIRLS: this is a great and convenient opportunity to get your tech suit for the high school season!
    • Spirit Wear demos will be available to see and try on prior to ordering!
    • And – the best part – we will haveice cream sundaes for all swimmers to enjoy!
    • The practice schedule will be slightly modified that evening to allow all swimmers to attend. Stay tuned!
  • The Practice Schedule is available here! You can also sync the Practice Schedule to your smart phone by clicking here and following the instructions! New this year – SWIM MEETS and SOCIAL EVENTS are listed on the synced calendar!
  • Follow/Like our Facebook page, "FFYS Boosters"! We push updates and information through this platform in additon to these emails.
  • We need your help to get SPONSORSHIPS for our team! Please take this form to your…
    • Dentist
    • Orthodontist
    • Massage therapist
    • Florist
    • Ice cream shop
    • Insurance agent
    • Favorite restaurant or brewery
    • …Or any local business!

We are asking ALL of our families to please try to get at least one sponsor! Questions? Contact Sarina Mosher!

  • The first USA meet signup is live! The 28th Annual Fall Pentathlon will be October 12-13 in Mason, MI. If your swimmer would like to compete in this meet, the deadline to sign up is September 13! Click here to sign up!
    • Note: this is a USA meet, which means you need a USA Swimming member ship to swim in this meet. If you would like to sign up for a USA membership, please email Cheryl MacDonald.
    • USA Swimming membership is encouraged for swimmers who are experienced and would like more swim meet opportunities in addition to the YMCA Meets. In general, first time swimmers do not need a USA membership (but they are always welcome to do this if you want to!)


This week in the pool:

This first week is just an introductory week where the coaches will most likely learn more than the swimmers. We want to give the kids an overview of the program, what they will need to bring to practices, introduce drills that we will be using, reading the pace clock, circle swimming, ready position, leaving a 5-10 second gap between swimmers at the start of each set, etc.

Things to ask your swimmers:


  • What is the name of your coach?
  • What are the names of (at least) two people in your practice group?
  • What should you bring to EVERY swim practice?
    • As an aside…your swimmer should really just need their suit, goggles, cap (if they wear one), and towel for the Miniray and Bronze groups. No additional equipment is necessary at this stage.


  • What is the name of your coach?
  • What are the names of (at least) two people in your lane?
  • What should you bring to EVERY swim practice?


  • How does it feel to be back in the water?
  • Do you have all of the equipment you need? Does any of it need to be replaced?


Have a fantastic first week, Stingrays! Welcome to the 2019-20 #STINGRAYNATION!