Thoughts on the summer and beyond

The summer is a whirlwind of swim team practices and meets, until we get to late July and early August and then the intensity gets ratcheted up to a whole other level that makes the start of the summer seem relaxed. Big swim meet after big swim meet, trip after trip, all super exciting, but it is hard to get a breather in after one thing, before the next. After a little time to reflect I would like to share a few things.

  • THANK YOU to the coaches that made everything possible all summer – Miranda, Kasey, Judy, Lillie, Mitchell, Eric H, Eric D, Kelly (in Fond du Lac), and Sam. You guys did a great job this summer, as you always do. On a daily basis I watched practices and thought about how lucky we all were to have you coaching and caring for our swimmers.

  • THANK YOU to all the adult leaders and young adult leaders that made the commitment to make the summer trips possible –

    *Y Nationals - Chad

    * NKB Camp – Lee, Mary Jo, Rob, John VH, John T, Alex H, Andrea B, Andrea G, Leah, Steph, Ashley, Adam, Kendall, Scott, and Quinn

    *Middle School Camp – Lee, Mary Ann, Laura, Jenny, Chris, Chad, Amanda, Andrew E, Brennan, Caleb, Pierce, Dylan, and Quinn

For the swimmers these trips range from “a lot of fun” to the “best week of the summer” to the “best week of the year” to the “best week of my life”. Many of our graduated swimmers look back at where they learned the most valuable lessons on their lives, and it was on these trips.

By my count there are 29 weeks of volunteering listed above. The lists of volunteers above include current OSHY swimmers, graduated OSHY swimmers, current OSHY parents, graduated OSHY parents, friends of graduated OSHY swimmers, a college swim coach, former NKB camp participants, parents of former NKB camp participants and my mother and daughter. These trips don’t happen without our volunteers believing it is important to serve others, giving others a valuable experience. Again THANK YOU, you made a difference in the lives of many people.

  • In some way or another I have spent 19 summers with the OSHY team. This one was one of the better ones. WHY?

*At practice swimmers made each other better. EAA (Effort, Attitude, Attendance). When any one of these three things lack, not just the individual suffers, but the whole group suffers. On good days each of these things is easy, but it is on the not good days that they are the most important. We did well across the board this summer with these things.

*We functioned well as a team. I was constantly impressed by the group supporting each other. At times this meant carpooling to Fond du Lac, at other times it meant focusing energy to qualify relays for Nationals, at other times it meant being inclusive with a scared teammate at camp, and at other times it meant putting aside one’s own disappointment to support another’s achievement. Teams work well when their members focus on the needs of their teammates, rather than their own. We did ourselves proud in this category this summer.

*We had the best group of leaders this summer that we have ever had. Those listed above did a phenomenal job. This is a reflection not only on these people, but on those that set the example for them in previous years – one year’s leaders influence the next years leaders. Momentum builds. It can build in either direction. We are building in a positive direction.

As we move forward let’s commit to building on the foundation that we have laid. The team will always have needs. The quality of the experience for all of us depends on all of us. If we can all find way to help, we will move forward.