How To Order A Team Suit

GCSTO Team Suit Fittings

This team fitting date has passed but you may STILL order a team suit before we send in our first order of the season. Orders done after this date may be slower getting here and will have shipping and handling charges associated with them so getting your order in now can help. Our first order goes in September 17 so you must order by mindnight on September 16 to get into that first order.

Athletes competing in meets should plan on getting a new team suit.

Those families who missed the fitting and who do not know their athlete's suit size can stop into MO'S SWIMVILLE at 837 Bethel Rd, Columbus, OH 43214 to get fit during open hours before the end of the business day on the 16th in order to get in on that first order. Reach them at (614-591-7946) with questions.

Athletes who didn't make the fitting on the 8th but who know their size and wish to place their order by the 16th simply call into Mo's SwimVille (614-591-7946) to do so.

Athletes still within their trial period should do either of the above based on whether you know your athlete's suit size or not. Once you decide this week if you are joining or not you can complete your order before Sept. 16 by simply calling in payment to SwimVille.

To see pictures of the suit style on SPEEDO's website CLICK HERE for the girl's suit and CLICK HERE for the boys (jammer style but note that we will have the brief style as well). We will have a version of our "Bear in the Mountain" (see below) logo heat pressed onto these suits this year for an extra sharp look to the suits.  More info will come on pricing and all but we wanted you to reserve the date now to get fit.