For AAG,EAG, Senior and Viking

Good Morning,

This email is for Viking, AAG, EAG, and Senior........ not our lessons or prep kids:   

We have had a great start to the new season!

If you are planning to swim this season and have not registered you need to do so now.  Many emails are sent depending on rosters and if not registered your swimmer is not on a roster.  This includes boys in High School season.  Also, insurance registrations are being finalized and kids need this done to practice and compete. If your swimmer is not registered the insurance is not processed.  
Almost all parents have attended a meeting.  If you missed the parent meetings last week you may attend the make up at Webb City High School this Thursday evening at 6pm.  This is the last meeting. If you have not attended a meeting your swimmer will not be allowed in the water next week starting the 16th.
EDMOND- This meet is team travel only.  If your child is mature enough to spend the weekend in hotel and with chaperones then they are welcome to attend.  Commitment is required at the event page by Sept. 20th.  We know that you are unable to pick events but the meet information has been posted at the event page.   This meet has 4 sessions.  All swimmers will swim in all 4 sessions.   Departure is Friday around 4pm and kids will not get home until very late Sunday night.  This is a fast pool and a great time to go for Pro-Am cuts for the big kids, champs cuts for the younger kids, and for the new swimmers it will be a big welcome to what swimming is all about.
Sponsorships-  All of the information for sponsorships are at the parent portal under sponsor/heat sheet info.  Today a general receipt is being added that you can give for tax purposes.  We only need one sponsorship PER FAMILY.  We already have had many turned in!  We are thrilled families are taking advantage of this opportunity to be finished with their required fundraising obligation for the year.  Turn in forms to coach on deck. DUE OCT. 11!  No late sponsors will be accepted.
Swim a Thon is underway.  Get your account set up.  Many big prizes on the table. Rosters are competing.  AAG and EAG get to share as a roster.  Right now Senior is winning. Goal is $200 raised for each swimmer.
Team suit try on--- Wed Sept 11 545pm-630pm at Webb.
PARENT PORTAL--at the landing page has the swim a thon video, MAAPP info, senior group info, and the sponsorship info.
Calendar--TU (web site)  has launched a new calendar that we are in the process of integrating.   For now some dates for EVENTS are showing a day off on the calendar. They are correct under the events tab. We are working to fix this ASAP.  You will see a new look to the calendar soon.
Any questions please reply to this email.