Saturday Practice Invitees

Saturday Practice Invitees

Train along side the fastest athletes in the Chicago Park District. Athletes will expierance high quality training and coaching from some of the best coaches in the city. Coaches from across the multiple CPD locations will also attend the Saturday practices on rotation to work along side Aquatic Swim Coaches and Trainers to share methods and ideas.


The following are athletes that are invited to the Saturday Practice at Whitney Young High School located at 211 S. Loomis Chicago, IL 60607. These athletes have USA Swimming “A” cut times. Every athlete in our database with a USA Swimming "A" motivational time standard has recieved an invite.  

AM Practice Squad

Time: 8:30AM-11:00AM


  1. Kimberly Acosta
  2. Zayra Arellano
  3. Nora Baker
  4. Camila Bautista
  5. Natalia Bautista
  6. Emily Belcik
  7. Morgan Butney
  8. Nisa Cabrera
  9. Emmanuel Cisneros
  10. Noel Corral
  11. Zach Fischer
  12. Aliomar Gad
  13. Daniel Galinski
  14. Damien Garcia
  15. Mya Garcia
  16. Michal Gawlak
  17. Christian Gonzalez
  18. Marvin Gonzalez
  19. Ruby Hodges
  20. Madison Holmes
  21. Alex Mendez
  22. Alicia Montes
  23. Lizeth Montes
  24. Jasmine Morgan
  25. Kristina Muharremaj
  26. Rafael Munoz
  27. Bianca Perez
  28. Suzana Sharaxhija
  29. Melissa Yu
  30. Daphne Yu
  31. Edward Zhang


PM Practice Squad

Time: 11:30AM-2:00PM


  1. Brianna Arenas
  2. Alek Arsic
  3. Yaretzi Avila
  4. Haylee Diaz
  5. Ian Estrada
  6. Jonathan Hernandez
  7. Biko Hooper-Haviland
  8. George Ivascu
  9. Alex Ivascu
  10. Tianbian Jiang
  11. Chiara Lo Bianco
  12. Layla Miglietta
  13. Ernie Muharremaj
  14. Steven Nguyen
  15. Huemac Rocha-Gonzales
  16. Ricardo Rosales
  17. Kajus Rudzevicius
  18. Brayan Ruiz
  19. Stephanie Ruiz
  20. Franchesca Sanchez
  21. Jordan Sangoleye
  22. Fernando Santos
  23. Erik Servin
  24. Maja Staniszewski
  25. Kacper Staniszewski
  26. Paige Teninty
  27. Lexi Teninty
  28. Abigail Tipan
  29. Indigo Wall
  30. Erika White
  31. Ellery Wisnefski
  32. Cedric Zhang
  33. Shuhan Zhao
  34. Ziya Zhou






In order to maintain a spot on the Saturday Practice Squad athletes must;

  1. Not miss more than two (2) Saturday practices a month.
  2. Attend a minimum of two (2) USA Swimming meets, excluding Championships.
  3. Must have the right attitude and willingness to work hard.


Proceeding forward athletes will be invited to Saturday Practice based on preformance and coach recomendations. We need to maintain low numbers at these practices to ensure high quality training of our very best athletes. As spots open up we will reach out to new invitees throughout the season. Our goal is to scout the best and most promising athletes from across the entire city and ensure they are given the oppertunity and set on the right path to success in swimming and in life.