a Letter from the Officials Chair!


Dear Officials Team,


It is the beginning of another MESI swim season and I have been elected as your Officials Chair for a two year term. I have missed working closely with many of those that have been officiating for several years and I look forward to seeing you soon. I am also looking forward to getting to know those that have joined the team in the last three years.

The focus this year will be in training our experienced officials to move up a level as an official and in making sure everyone has met the certification guidelines that are posted on the MESI website. Many of you have already been receiving emails from Mary Ellen to clarify if pieces are missing or to let you know a clinic or recertification test is needed. Because my time during the week is very limited Mary Ellen will be sending many emails out for me to keep you informed.

There will be scheduled clinics for the positions of AO, stroke and turn, starter, and referee. I am looking for referees that are willing to learn how to teach these clinics (with the exception of AO). Please contact me if you are willing to take on this role. If I don’t hear from anyone you can be assured that I will be calling you 😊 .

Please be sure to thank Marie for the many hours she served as our Officials Chair. It is my intent that our ‘younger’ generation get the training they need to fill the roles of Referee and Trainer to spread out the workload and to develop well-rounded officials. Our Officials Team will be much stronger, more confident, and have lots of fun as we share the responsibilities together.


See you on the poolside soon,

Nicole Viele