Policy Updates from the Board of Directors


Important Policy Updates from the Board of Directors

  1. Athlete Reimbursement – effective immediately
    1. 12 & Unders who compete in individual events at the SCY EZ Age Group Champs can submit for reimbursement of up to $200
    2. Open Water Junior Nationals is being moved from a Tier 2 Meet to a Tier 1 Meet
    3. Reimbursement for Tier 1 Meets will be reduced from $600 to $400
  2. Athlete Reimbursement – effective April 15, 2020
    1. For an athlete to receive reimbursement, the team the athlete represented at the meet must have a delegate attend the House of Delegate Meeting.
  3. Officials - The policy regarding all teams having a properly registered official by February 15th to compete as a team at champs has been removed.
  4. Membership Cards – Membership cards will no longer be sent from the office; they may be printed from Deck Pass or displayed on smartphone for Deck Access.
  5. ASCA Reimbursement – all coaches can receive up to $100/ASCA level per year. If you complete two or more levels in one year, you may apply for the $100 the following year.
  6. Concussion Training – both courses on the USA Swimming website are now accepted.
  7. Coach of the Year Awards
    1. Coach of the Year: April 15, 2020-April 14, 2021
    2. Assistant Coach of the Year – April 15, 2020-April 14, 2021
    3. MESI Winter Champs Coach of the Meet
    4. MESIII Coach of the Meet