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Swimfo 9-10-2019


We are really grateful for all the swimmers that joined us for the swim camp with Coach Milt Nelms. There was some really good learning that took place by the coaches and athletes.  We know some swimmers were a little baffled by the experience; however, much of what happens is on a subconscious level.  In Nonlinear Pedagogy In Skill Acquisition: An Introductionthe authors note that what we are coming to understand about learning movement is that “emergent behaviors occur due to the interactions of numerous components within the human body, which is defined as a complex adaptive system with no one ‘central controller’ that determines specific behaviors that arise.”  In other words, we need to think holistically about how the athlete is interacting with the environment and how to create experiences that help their body understand effective movements.  

Swimmers may have come home and said, “Coach Milt just told me to swim my arms.”  His point to the little ones when he said that was that if you move your arms a lot, you should be getting something out of that movement. In saying that, he challenged them to pay attention to the affect that they were getting from their movement.  From our perspective on deck the changes were significant.  Instead of thinking about moving the arms (What they were doing.), the athletes were paying attention to engaging the water and getting something from that movement (What they were experiencing!)

The season is going to get started with some different things than swimming this week.  


  • The goal here is to make sure all the parents have their questions answered and we are all on the same page with expectations for practices and swim meets.  
  • Oregon City Site: Right now the meetings are scheduled to be in the Oregon City Pool Community room.
    • Race/ Train/ Perform 5:00 – 5:45 PM
    • Sprint 5:45 – 6:15 PM
    • Novice/ Explore 6:15 – 6:45 PM
  • Molalla Site: 
    • All groups 6:15 – 6:45 PM

Team Building Dry-land Camp September 12th– 13th:

  • The Team Building Dry-land camp is at Rivercrest Park in Oregon City from 4:30 – 6:00 weather permitting.  We bring the athletes together to get them to know their teammates from young to old and build relationships.  We do fitness development and activities designed to build community within the team. We strongly encourage athletes to find a way to participate!

Athlete/ Parent/ Coach Goal meetings September 10th– 13th:

  • In these meetings we are creating an opportunity for athletes to let their coach know their goals and athletes, parents and coaches all on the same page.  I have attached goal sheets for Sprint/ Race/ Train/ Perform (Goal Setting SC 2019-20) as well as Explore/ Fitness (OCST Goal Sheet)
  • You can sign-up for the different meetings depending on group for the OC Site and all parents can meet with Coach Josh at the Molalla pool or at Rivercrest Park during the Team Building.
    • Train/ Perform Sign up with Coach Matt HERE.
    • Sprint/ Race Sign-up with Coach Ben HERE.
    • Explore/ Fitness Sign-up with Coach Al HERE.
    • Molalla Athletes Sign-up with Coach Josh HERE.

Normal practice schedule restarts on Monday September 16th!

Our traditional water practices at each site will begin on Monday, September 16th.  You can find the fall schedule for OC here and Molalla here.  There will also be a BOARD MEETING this coming Monday as well.



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