Practice Equipment & Team Apparel
All practice equipment and TYR team apparel can be purchased through our dedicated website with Swim Outlet: 
Practice equipment is available now, team apparel is being added this week
Practice Equipment Requirements by group can be found here: - This list is slightly different from last year for some groups, so please take the time to review
Team apparel which can be purchased through Swim Outlet:
team suit, warm-ups, bags, parkas, shorts
There will be a suit fitting with Swim Outlet during the first week in October at GCIT. Details on date and time will be forthcoming. However, you do not need to wait until then to purchase the suit, warm-up, bag, shorts, or parka if you know the size you need. That can be done through the GPAC team site. BE SURE YOU ORDER THE BLUE TEAM SUIT AS IT IS AVAILABLE IN MULTIPLE COLORS. You can choose from different style for both boys and girls. If you are unsure which style to choose, please ask your swimmer or wait until the fitting in October.
While we have switch to TYR as our team supplier, you do not need to replace Arena bags, parkas or warm-ups if they still work for your swimmers. All swimmers should, however, have the new TYR team suit.
Additional team apparel (including white, blue, and gold GPAC t-shirts as well as clothing for parents and other non-swimmers) can be purchased through Two Vic's Sports Stop. Our online store with them is open until September 30th for delivery by November 1st:
Each swimmer will receive two latex team caps prior to the November swim meet. Additional latex caps as well as silicone caps will be available for purchase throughout the season. We are also working with Swim Outlet on an order for personalized team caps. More information will be out on personalized caps in the future.