As you may have heard USA Swimming & Safe Sport are implementing the Minor Athlete Abuse Prevention Policy (MAAPP) effective June 23, 2019. This policy is something all USA swimming clubs will have to follow and will replace some of our previously published policies, most notably our electronic communication policy. 

Here's where your action is needed:

Please read the attached MAAPP in full.  This is one of the waivers you agreed to as part of your registration. the roll out we are required to get acknowledgement that each family read and understands the policies. 

This is a great step forward in protecting young athletes. Most of the policy is common sense but it does require some adjustments to our protocols. Perhaps the most notable change is how we communicate electronically with the athletes

We wanted to highlight some of the bigger changes. Please be sure your athletes, especially High School age, are aware of these new processes.

  • No electronic communication with minors between 8 pm - 8 am. Except in an emergency ie. morning practice canceled due to weather. 
  • When communicating with an individual athlete we MUST copy the parent/ guardian. We ask that that swimmer's do the same. We believe that it is important for our older swimmers to take responsibility for their sport and communicate their schedule and needs to the coach. We encourage them to take that initiative. We want and the new MAAPP requires us to keep that communication transparent. 
  • Coaches can still continue open communication with the group (senior in particular) while continuing to copy coaches.  
  • Social media - Coaches may not accept private "friend" request, follow swimmers, or have private direct messages with swimmers on social media. Swimmers may follow a public profile of a coach. 

These are a few things we wanted to highlight as they require the athletes to make changes. We strongly encourage you to read the policy is full. You can find additional resources here. We will also be holding a Q & A Session on July 2nd @ 6:00 pm in the pool seating area.