Weekly Notes for September 16-21

Practices for Sept. 16-21>>>  REGULAR PRACTICE SCHEDULE STARTS THIS WEEK!!!   Bronze (M/W/F, 4:30-5:30;  Sat, 10-11A;     Silver (Mon-Thu, 4:30-5:45;  Sat, 9:45-11A);     Gold (Mon-Thu, 5:30-7p;  Fri, 4:30-6;  Sat, 8-10A w/Dryland 7:10-7:50A);     Seniors (M/W/F, 5:30-7:15A;  Mon-Thu, 5:30-7:30p;  Fri, 4:30-6:30p;  Sat, 8-10A w/Dryland 7:10-7:50A).   

Pre-Team Starts September 17!   Pre-Team starts Tuesday (9/17).  Will be held on Tuesday & Thursday, from 4:30-5:15.  September Session will only be 2-weeks.  October Session will start October 1.  All billings will now be run through our Team Unify site.  Each family MUST have a payment plan (ACH or Credit Card) set up for automatic withdrawals.

Master's Starts September 16!   Master's will be held on Mon/Wed/Fri from 5:30-6:30A;  and  Tuesday & Thursday from 11:30-1:00.  Cost is $20 per month.  Participants will have an account in our team unify and have automatic withdrawals done on the 1st of each month.

September Monthly Billing:  Your September Billing will charged to your October Withdrawal for for Bronze-Silver-Gold-Senior groups (i.e. your October 1 charge will be for both September & October).

Payment Processing:   All families will have to place either an ACH Account or Credit Card into your payment plan from now on!  Swim Team Payments will NO Longer be paid/taken by the YMCA Desk.  This is to clean up administrative errors and to make things much more streamlined in keeping track of finances.  To do this, click My Account and then click the Set Up Payment.  Follow the prompts/options.  If you have questions see Barry.  Thank you for your support in this!

Oct. 5-6 Rocky Mount Entry Deadine:  September 23 due by.  Make sure when you click the Yes on participating, to write in the notes section if you are only attending a certain day.  If nothing is mentioned, I'll enter them in both days. 

SMS Reminder:  Please remember to register your phone(s) with SMS Capabilities!  Your family account can have 2-3? set up and swimmers can have their own set up.  Go to My Account and then to the right, you'll see Set Up SMS.  Follow the prompts...takes about 5-minutes depending on your carrier in receiving the codec for you to enter.  I'll only send out an SMS if there's a last minute change to something (i.e. practice cancelled due to weather...before practice or during practice; or a pool accident).  Otherwise, I'll do other notifications through email.