EMAC: On-The-Horizon 9/16/19

Hello EMAC Families,

We have several items to communicate in second edition of "On-The-Horizon" a weekly email/news series where we try to group information for easy communication and retrieval. Please read through the entire OTH, as some things have been added since last weeks communication.


Our first meet of the year was a success and will help lay the framework for the upcoming practice focuses as we begin preparing for our December rest meet. Results will be posted onto the website within the next few days, but in a quick recap: Turnout to the meet was great and the help from our volunteers made the meet run quickly and smoothly, so thank you! We had many new times, fastest times, and faster than September times from last year!  Athletes will be seeing discussions with their coaches over the next couple days to debrief from the meet, as well as introduce new goals for the groups leading into the next meet.


The coaching staff decided that this is a clinic we would like to see everyone attend!  With this idea in mind, Coach Doug decided that EMAC will be offering a flat donation to the Team Carly Rocks Clinic and all EMAC athletes will now be able to attend without a donation cost themselves!  Please long onto the website and register your swimmer for the Clinic so we know who will be attending.  The age-group coaches would like to see as many of our Bumbles, Honeys, and Wasps there as possible!  If you're not sure where to find the clinic registration link, please email Coach Seth and he will direct you to the registration form.


  • Meet Entries are currently up at the pool.  Please have your swimmer double check their entries so they know what they are swimming at each meet.  They can also use this oppotunity to discuss any event changes with their coaches.  Meets currently up are:
    • EMAC/PAAC Pentathlons
    • Blue NT and Mini NT Buster
    • PAAC Fall Harvest
  • The EMAC Fall Invite meet will be available at the pool shortly for your swimmers to take a look at their events.
  • Meet commitments are due shortly for the following meets.  Please register now if you haven't already done so.
    • SJAC Gator Classic (Registration Due 9/20/2019)


A few families recently asked about personalized caps, and we are excited to offer these caps again this year!  If you would like to order personalized caps, please follow the link provided HERE and fill out the necessary form.  This personalized cap order will be open until the end of September, so if you wish to get a personal cap, order now!


D&J Sporting Goods visted the pool last Monday.  If you would still like to order equipment Don't Panic!  You can still get the team items from D&J at:

  • 610-282-5895
  • 7001 PA-309, Coopersburg PA 18036

Age-Groups will begin using Fins and Snorkels this week, please make sure your swimmer is fully equipped for practice so they are ready to get the most out of their time at the pool.  When you recieve your equipment, place your swimmers name on EACH ITEM and get something marked on their snorkel that can make it easily identifiable: Patterned Duct-Tape, Waterproof stickers, Name stickers, etc.  Writing on Snorkels with a Sharpie is not as useful as one may believe as the water easily removes the Sharpie ink from the smooth plastic of the Snorkels.


The team just completed our first meet and Honey Bee will be leaving shortly to begin her journey to the Olympic Venue. She begins her flight today and promised to send a letter at every stop she makes!  "Bee" on the lookout for an email later in the week when we finally receive a letter from her talking about her journey.

Time to start another exciting week here at EMAC.  See you at the pool!