Fun Friday #1





WHERE : Maxcy Gregg Pool

WHEN: Friday, September 20th, 5:30-6:30pm

WHO : Fledgling Swimmers, Blue/Silver Swimmers, Age-Group Elite Swimmers and Jr. Team Swimmers (ALL HARBISON SWIMMERS INCLUDED)

WHY : Team Development (to have some fun!!!!)

HOW : (to sign up) Go to the “Fun Friday” link on the website and follow instructions.


A Few Other Bits Of Information:

  • Please have your child attend if possible.  These events are fun and where team bonding occurs. 

  • Please sign up so we know how many kids to expect.

  • We would like refreshments to be available at the conclusion and need parents to bring


       refreshments on Friday.  Please email Coach


       Zia at if you can bring

       refreshments.  We will email you on Thursday to           tell you what to bring. 

  • FUN FRIDAY will take the place of practice on this day. 

  • JR TEAM SWIMMERS = may choose to between practice at USC & Fun Friday @ MG.