Parent Meeting Topics

Thank you to everyone who attended the parent meeting and team suit fitting on Monday, September 16.  Below are some of the topics discussed at the meeting.  

This year’s team

  • 137 Swimmers Total
    • 24 Developmental
    • 31 Junior
    • 11 Junior Plus
    • 14 Intermediate
    • 26 Intermediate Plus
    • 7 Senior
    • 15 Senior Plus
    • 9 Senior Elite

High level performance and partic ipation

  • 2019 Championship Meets
    • 96 Swimmers at A’s
    • 55 Swimmers at AA’s
    • 17 Swimmers at Zones
    • 2 Swimmers qualified for YMCA Spring Nationals
    • 1 Swimmer at USA Swimming Open Water Junior Nationals
    • 19 Swimmers committed to Ohio Swimming Open Water Champs
    • 66 Swimmers at Long Course Champs
    • 3 Swimmers qualified for YMCA Summer Nationals
    • 3 Swimmers represented Team Ohio at Central Zones Champs
    • 1 Swimmer qualified for USA Swimming Winter Nationals

Groups-What is their focus?

  • Developmental: Fundamentals and Technique
    • Ready position and streamline pushoffs
    • Body rotation and effective breathing patterns in freestyle and backstroke
    • Legality and timing in breaststroke and butterfly
    • Effective turns and dives
    • Introduction to the pace clock - 25's @ 1:00, leaving :05 apart
  • Junior: Technique and swimming laps
    • Retaining all of the fundamentals from Developmental
    • Using those fundamentals on a regular basis while swimming longer distances – Introduction to the burn!
    • Becoming stronger and more efficient with all strokes
    • Refining technique on turns – doing those turns all of the time
    • Understanding more complex intervals on the pace clock – 20’s, 15’s, 40’s, 45’s
  • Intermediate: Transition to training
    • Still maintain fundamentals
    • Swim with proper technique without being told
    • More of a training atmosphere – begin use of heart rates – feel the burn!
    • Use turns to aid in faster swimming
    • Keep track of more complex intervals without help
  • Senior: Training for High Performance
    • Efficient and powerful strokes
    • High level stroke tweaks to reduce drag
    • Train in a variety of different energy systems
    • Swim fast when tired - Enjoy the burn!
    • Keep track of swimming speeds while training

Important dates

  • Meet Schedule – Keep track of sign up dates
  • Nutrition talk – Tuesday, September 24 at 6:30pm
  • High School Freshman Parent Meeting – Tuesday, October 1 at 6:30pm
  • Mental Training – Wednesday, October 2 at 6:15pm
  • Team Picture – Tuesday, October 8 at 6:00pm
  • Officials Training – Wednesday, October 9 – deadline Oct. 1
  • Administrative Official Training – Sat. Oct. 19 – deadline Oct. 12
  • Winter Training Trip – December 27-30 – Senior and select Intermediate swimmers
  • Summer Team Championships – July 17-18

MAAPP-Minor Athlete Abuse prevention policies

  • Set in place to limit one-on-one interactions between adults and minors
    • Meetings, individual training sessions
    • Massages and rubdowns
    • Locker rooms, rest rooms, and changing areas
    • Social Media and electronic communications
    • Local Travel
    • Team Travel
  • Full, detailed policy coming soon

Burnout-what does this really mean in swimming?

  • Happens after many YEARS of constant training and wear and tear on the body and the mind.
  • Often brought on by a lack of improvement over multiple years.
  • Shorter attention spans and the inability to focus on the same task for long periods of time contribute to a perception of burnout.
  • “You cannot be burned out if you were never lit.”
  • Solutions:
    • Keep the focus on fun, enjoyment, fitness.
    • Let the swimmer lead the way.
    • Always look for areas of improvement.  Become a well-rounded swimmer.