MAC Start-Up Bundle, Gear & Spirit Ordering


MAC Families,

It was great to see so many of you last night at the parent meeting!

Please remember that each family registered by the end of September has the opportunity to receive our seasonal Start-Up Package.  All items will be delivered to MAC when ready and distributed at practice. Please read the following for ordering details.

Start-up Package includes: MAC silicone swim cap, suit and t-shirt. 

MAC t-shirt – order through Badger Sporting Goods with link – MAC T-Shirt Order link (Deadline Sept 29)

MAC team suit – order through A3 with this link – A3 Team Store Order link (scroll down on their page past the team equipment lists to the gray box for the suit order.  Deadline Sept 30)

MAC silicone cap – comes automatically with the suit, no need to order


Additional items -

Personalized MAC silicone caps, $30/ pair of two – order through the A3 Team Store link.  Note: personalized cap orders are offered for sale twice per year, in September and again in the spring. Order deadline – September 30

Googles, additional suits, kickboards and other gear - Use the A3 Team Store Link.  Always open for purchasing throughout the season.

MAC clothing, warmups and spirit items – order through Badger Sporting Goods with this link – MAC BSG Spirit Link. (Deadline Sept 29) Apparel orders are opened up several times during the season (Sept, near the holidays and towards the championship season)


Reference – A3 Fitting document

Suits and all other MAC logo items are non-refundable due to the logo application.  If you have any questions on gear or suits, please contact A3 Performance at 262-244-0442 or Any other questions on seasonal ordering, please contact Janis Katz at