Minot Swim Club Aquires ASK Swim

On behalf of Kathy Aspaas of ASK Swim and the Minot Swim Club, we are excited to announce that the Minot Swim Club has acquired ASK Swim. We will move forward as one unified club operating under the name Minot Swim Club. Kathy has decided to focus on retirement in Bismarck and will no longer be coaching in Minot. Anna Rae Clark, current head coach for Minot Swim Club, will remain head coach. All other existing coaches will have the opportunity to remain on staff, provided they choose to continue coaching for the upcoming season.

For decades, swimming has been a strong tradition in our community, and we are excited at the opportunities the joining of our two clubs will provide. Improved access to pool time, strength in numbers and competing as one cohesive team will allow us to take swimming to an even higher level in Minot and in North Dakota. With current plans underway for a future aquatic center, the coming together of clubs will provide expanded opportunities to assist in that endeavor.

Our mutual goal is to make this transition as seamless as possible for swimmers, families and coaching staff. We understand there will be questions and we appreciate your patience as we work together to move through the necessary transitional steps. A few items to note:

Competitive Club Registration: Registration for the upcoming short course season will open in a few weeks and practice will begin the week of October 28th.

Fees: The practice fee structure for the 2019-2020 season will remain the same as last year's MSC pricing. 

  • Short Course season practice fee levels are:
    • $275.00 Developmental 
    • $285.00 Competitive 1&2, 8&U Qualifiers, Maroon 1&2
    • $295.00 Gold 1&2
  • The practice group standards information is attached to this email
  • USA Swimming Annual Fee: $72 per swimmer
  • Season fees are payable in full at the start of the season OR payable in two payments (Oct & Jan)
  • Season family discounts: $25 discount for 2 swimmers, $50 for 3 swimmers, $75 for 4 or more swimmers
  • Financial scholarship assistance is available upon request 
  • Swim meet fees
    • General fee is $25 per swimmer for a 1-day meet and $30 per swimmer for a 2 or 3-day meet
    • There are some meets (generally in Fargo or Grand Forks) that will have a higher fee and that will be noted in the event sign-up

Fundraising: We have done away with fundraising "shifts" and will focus on a raffle as our primary fundraising effort. Families will be required to sell 10 raffle tickets at $20 per ticket. Additional fundraising opportunities (not required) may be offered such as a silent auction or "Dine to Donate" events at area restaurants.

Practice Groups: Coaching staff from both ASK and MSC will work together to determine placement for swimmers.

Practice Schedules: Will be determined and communicated to all once practice groups are solidified. 

Boy’s High School Preseason Practice: Preseason practice is now open for all high school boys. Information for signup is attached.

Swim Lessons: The instructional swim lesson program will continue to be offered by MSC.   If you are interested in teaching swim lessons, please send us an email at  We are looking for instructors for the next session starting on October 21.

Informational Meeting: We will schedule an informational meeting for families in the coming weeks to talk through club processes, meet registration, fundraising, etc.

Please email with questions related to any of this information.

The Minot Swim Club looks forward to welcoming ASK swimmers and families into this newly formed and expanded club. The future of swimming in Minot is very bright!