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Packed swimfo Sept 18th


We’re on week one of being back in our regularly scheduled training.  Our intention is to get as much information in these swimfo’s so we can limit the amount of emails that you receive.  Feel free to let me know if there is something that we can change with the format to improve readability and simplify the process.  We also work to use this as an opportunity to educate parents on our culture and how we think about the process of helping athletes become there best!  Feel free to scan through to make sure you pull out the key information if you are not interested or do not have the time for the educational piece.

Last week at the OC parent meetings we shared about our philosophy and our approaches to develop as many aspects of the athlete as we can that relate to performance.  If you’re interested in looking it over you’ll find the Race/Train/Perform swimmers presentation  here as soon as I can get it uploaded.  To summarize the presentation:

  1. We are a competitive swim team and our GOAL is to compete and give our athletes the best opportunity to perform.
  2. While our goal is to compete our WHY is to build better people through the process.
  3. In order to build the full athlete we emphasize 4 areas of impact that we feel we can really move the needle towards peak performance.
    1. Training – As the swimmers get older this becomes a bigger and bigger factor, however, consistency is a factor as we work to biologically change these athletes (more mitochondria and capillarization are two simple examples).
    2. Quality of movement – Beyond technique we work to build strokes that are robust in a competitive environment and guide the athletes to find more and more effective movement solutions.
    3. Athletic development in “Dry-lands” – Cultivating movement literacy is paramount. Swimmers that have a large repertoire of functional movement solutions to draw from will have more tools to solve movement problems in the water as well.
    4. Team Culture – Performance happens in a team environment and a rising tide floats all boats. Groups that feel safe, share vulnerability, and know their purpose are the learning environments of Championship cultures.
  4. We need parents help!!!  Instead of questioning us or our motives, ask us questions!  The choices we make are based on what we see as the pathway to performance.  Perhaps you disagree but if you understand why we are doing what we are doing at least you can relay that to your athletes.  If you undermine us with your children then the effectiveness of what we are trying to accomplish will be diminished.  We also need parents to OFFICIATE!!!  There are a number of different ways to be an official and it is key to the function of our team.  Last year we cut a day off of a meet because we could not line up the officials we needed.

“Quick” hits:

  • We are still discussing building the Legacy Cooperative of teams and are likely going to vote on this at the general meeting in October.  Please fill out this survey  here to show if the team is interested in pursuing this further.
  • We’ll be doing a NEW PARENT FAQ night on September 26that 5:45 PM in the OC community room.  Even if you’ve been on the team awhile if you have some questions come by and ask.  Maybe you’re still trying to figure out how TeamUnify works?
  • One place we really need help is with officials!  We’re going to have a STROKE & TURN Clinic for those wondering what it takes to become an official and are possibly interested in learning. This S&T clinic will be on September 26thin other half of the community room at 5:45 PM.  If you can make this officials meeting please RSVP Dawn at  Another place to get some official instruction would be at the Oregon Swimming Symposium on September 28thin Newburg.  You can find out the address here, but at 1:30 they will have different clinics on Stroke & Turn, Starter, Electronic Timing (big need), AO (really big need but you had to have been an ET for a year), and meet director. If you plan on going to the Newburg clinics please RSVP Julie at  
  • We have a TON of GEAR BAGS that either don’t have a name or were left by a swimmer who is no longer on the team.  Please have your swimmer check the pile to see if their bag is in there. 
  • I re-opened the Hood River Harvest Swim meet for sign-ups.  This is a great intro meet in a beautiful location.
  • We will be having a team suit fitting with Making Waves at OC on September 27thfrom 3:30 – 6:30 and Molalla on September 30th.  Your swimmer can get a suit if they have already grown out of their old one or if their current team suit is worn get a new one. There will also be equipment there for new swimmers if they have not already ordered equipment for their gear bag.  They are setting up a store in the Portland Metro area and while you can still get your stuff at if you would like you can order through Making Waves as well.  We're thinking options are good and at times it's hard to talk with someone at Swimoutlet.
  • Blue Crush is hosting Fitter and Faster Swim Clinics in early October for UW’s, Flip turns, and streamlines one day and then Freestyle technique the second day.  You can check it out  here.
  • We are getting team pictures done at the OC site on October 15th.  We will work on lining up a team picture date for the Molalla site soon as well. 


Important dates:

Hood River entries close – Saturday, September 21st

New parent FAQ – Thursday, September 26th@5:45 in OC

Intro to Stroke & Turn officiating clinic – Thursday, September 26th@5:45 in OC

Officiating classes at OSI Symposium – Saturday September 28th@1:30 in Newburg

OC site team suit fitting – Friday, September 27th in OC

Molalla team suit fitting – Monday, September 30thin Molalla

Hood River Swim meet – Friday – Sunday, October 11th– 13th

OC site team picture – Tuesday, October 15th in OC

We know there was a lot of inforation in here.  Our thanks to those of you that took the time to soak up what you could.  If you have questions feel free to ask.


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