As you all know, all swim team members must have recreation memberships! 

Each swimmer must have a scan tag that they must scan in every single time they come into the pool for practice. 

Most kids are very good about this, however there are some who just run past and this creates an issue. 

For the nights that the senior groups are here, I have been standing at the deskf or the first few minutes before practice and for about 5 minutes after practice has started to stop them. This is not what I should be doing when I am supposed to be coaching. 

A few issues have come up: 
1- alot of kids do not have their tag. This is creating more back log as the swimmers are coming in when they have to give their name to the front desk to be looked up in the system. If you do not have a tag, please stop by the front desk and get one ASAP! 

2- A lot of swimmers need a current photo taken! This takes 2 seconds and costs nothing (as long asyou are up to date) This is for safety reasons! I am able to get it done with the older ones, but am not here for the younger ones. Please stoop by the front and get this taken care of 

3- Alot of people need forms filled out and given to the front desk or a coach! Again, this is a safety reason. We need the most up to date infor for emergency contacts and things of that nature. No money is due as long as you are up to date. 

Please get these things taken care of. We as coaches should be coaching and not having to hunt everyone down for pictures, forms or fees. 

Thank you!