Week 6 - Meet Preparation
Week 4 - Meet Preparation

Happy MONDAY  Bengal Families! 

I hope you took this weekend to relax, recharge and get ready to be back in the school routine! 

Last week we talked about goals and the girls have some amazing things they want to accomplish as a team! Some of my favorites include: PMA - Always Kind Words, Push offs past the flages, Journal, No Boys, Give 100% Effort and of course, pushing me in the water at Sections. In order for them to accomplish all of their goals as a team and as individuals they are going to have to work hard, build each other up and stay focused on the end result. With one dual meet in the books I can't wait to see what this team accomplishes! 

In Week 4 we are talking about Meet Preparation. It is important that athletes are ready to compete! And for that they need to be prepared. Typically we will have 1-2 meets a week which takes mental and physical preperation. Our coaching staff speaks a lot about being  mentally prepared with a  Positive Mental Attitude (which is one of their goals) because it is the biggest thing they can control at school, at practice and at a meet. There is a lot of excitement at meets but we need to be mentally focused on the task at hand and embrace any challenge such as a new dive or a new event. Being positive and focused on the competition at hand will help us reach our goals! It doesn't mean they can't be nervous. Missy Franklin said that being nervous shows you have respect for what you're about to do. But we want to use those nerves to our advantage to drive harder toward our goals!

Athletes also need to be physically prepared for our meets. This means being at practice, fully participating in the sets and dives that the coaches are giving, getting in the water on time (which is another goal), stretching and taking care of their bodies. Each athlete needs to  own their own training so they are preapared to compete. Our practices are written so that each athlete is ready for competition and to help them reach their goals but they need to be the ones to apply the workouts every day! They also need to be eating protien-focused meals, sleeping at least 8 hours and staying hydrated throughout the day! All of those things are part of physical preperation. 

We as a coaching staff take a great deal of time to put your athletes in situations for success at meets, even if they are outside of their comfort zone. As I have mentioned we would not put them in a situation where we know they would fail, we are just so excited to see them be successful in these new challenges! As I told the girls on Thursday we have to earn every win this season and in order to do that, we need to be prepared as a team. 



Away Meet at Centennial

This is a 6 lane pool so I will do my best to get atheltes in as many events as the meet allows. They are doing construction at Centennial (along with the rest of Minnesota) so you will need to follow the sidewalks to get around the fences and into the pool enterance. Busses will pick up Northdale Athletes and Roosevelt Athletes and bring them to Blaine. All atheltes must be at BHS by 3:50pm. Bus leaves at 4pm. If you would like to take your athlete home after the meet you must sign them out at the conclusion of the meet with Coach Nick. 

Chipolte Fundraiser

Next Monday! September 9th we are having a Chipolte fundraiser! Head to the Blaine Chipolte off of 65 (near Clydes) and let them know you're with Blaine Swimming and Diving and part of the proceeds will go to our team! The line may be long but the food is delicious! Grab your bowl and bring it to the Booster Club Meeting!  

Schedule For This Week: 

Monday:  NO PRACTICE - Labor Day
Tuesday: Practice 3:30 - 5:30 (JV) 5:30-6:00 (Varsity)
Wednesday: Practice 3:30 - 5:30 (JV) 5:30-6:00 (Varsity)
Thursday: Away Meet vs. Centennial 6pm
Friday: Practice 3:30 - 5:30 (JV) 5:30-6:00 (Varsity) and  Zen with Jen - Make sure you have workout clothes! 
Saturday: Practice 7:30 - 9:30am 


 I can't believe we are already on week 4 but these girls are already doing amazing things! So excited to use our meet preperation this week! 

As always, let me know if you have questions. 

Kristen Luedtke
Head Coach - Blaine Girls Swimming and Diving