Week 6 Mid-Week Update

Good morning  Bengal Families! 

GREAT job last night to all of our athletes! We had athletes trying new dives, new events and really step up for their teammates who were sick! If you were sick, you helped your team by being honest and going HOME! If you stepped into another event you helped your team by being flexible and willing to step up and cover your team. I know those athletes will also be there for you when you need them! 

A few updates for the rest of the week: 

TONIGHT 9/18 - We have a NOODLES fundraiser! Please plan on eating dinner at Noodles tonight and save your self the hassle of cooking! 

TOMORROW 9/19 - The Osseo pool is now on the website thanks to my awesome teammate Coach Nick! It is a 6 lane pool and a long stretch of meets so atheltes will be in limited events. 

SATURDAY 9/21 - All athletes who are NOT in the Maroon and Gold meet will have practice as scheduled from 7:30-9:30! JV I highly reccomend you attend! Maroon and Gold bus leaves from Blaine at 11am. 

So grateful for all of you and this amazing team! 

Kristen Luedtke
Head Coach - Blaine Girls Swimming and Diving