2019/2020 Swimming Start Up

Welcome Back to Swimming!!

The RIMP Staff tell me that we are on schedule to start the season. If you are a returning swimmer who has registered online you have completed the first step for getting back into the water. Our Registrar will be putting your information forward to Swim Alberta and Swim Canada for Insurance purposes. You MUST respond to the Swim Canada Registration email in order to be legally insured and allowed into the pool. It will be sent to the email that you listed when you registered with YKPBSC. Look for it this weekend.

Gold, Silver and Bronze will commence swimming at regular times this week. Coaches Jane, Viktor and Gina will be on-deck to welcome you and get your season started.

We have tremendous interest in our program! Placements for confirmation for prospective Sharks and Cubs will take place between 4-5:00 on Monday 23 September. If your child was a Beluga, Shark or 1st year Cub last year, they will have a placement at this time.

At the same time, there will be try outs for new swimmers between the ages of 9-12. Please be very patient with the process. Concurrently, between 4-6:30 there will also be try-outs for new swimmers age 6 and up. For this reason, we will not run Dolphins 1, 2 or 3  lessons until 30 September.

We will look at returning Dolphins 3 as prospectiver Belugas on Wednesday at 5:30.  (Give me a call if you are usure of your child's group.)

Thanks so much for your patience. We are looking forward to another exciting year of swimming with YKPBSC.

See you all on deck,

Coach Carol