Nutrition Information and Swim Gear

Orcas and Parents,

I would like to briefly dicuss a few things not only for our returning swimmers (reminders) but, for our new swimmers.

1. On our website there is a tab called Documents under that tab you will find several articles about food and nutrition for your kids not only before, during and after a race but, daily information about good snacks for the trip in or the trip home and etc.

2. There are workouts for the Aqua II or Silver group written up that can easily be used if you come independent of practice or are at another pool.  

3. Nutrition, water (hydration), and sleep are all very important in everyday life but, keep in mind that it is essential for young atheletes as well. Water bottles are encouraged to be brought for practice but, please do not bring glass.

4. Finally, Equipment for any swim team and equipment for the Orcas.  Swim caps are helpful for the girls and boys but, are not necessary.  For swim meets is helpful to the refer's to have a team swimcap on but, if not that is ok. Googles are extremely important for a swimmer during practice and at a meet it allows them to see underwater and helps them swim straight as well as keeping the eyes healthlier during meets when chemical levels can be different then our home pool.  Googles can get damaged and broken easily and caps can rip so we encourage swimmers to have two of those items so you always have a backup! We will in the next week or two be asking Aqua'a and Silver's (not Novice) to purchase a snorkel for practice we ask that it is brought to every practice even though at times they are not used this is a great training device and have found kids improve certain aspects of there stroke when using the snorkel. Returning swimmer should already own them and be bringing them to practice.

5. We encourage students to ask questions and parents but, at times we may have to ask that it wait until we have a moment or the end of practice.  We are all excited at our great numbers this Fall and hope you and your swimmer(s) are enjoying returning to the water and/or enjoying your first experience on the Orca swim team.

Please as always do not hestiate to ask questions.

Thank you

Coach Tracey