PHAST Swim Program Overview

PHAST Antigonish Program Overview

PHAST is affiliated with Swim Nova Scotia, and is structured in accordance with Swim Nova Scotia guidelines and bylaws.  PHAST is a competitive swim club whose members train and compete at a variety of levels as determined by Swim Nova Scotia time standards. 

PHAST swimmers practice up to 7 times per week, depending on the developmental level of the swimmer.  As per Swim Nova Scotia program guidelines, these levels are as follows: 

Nova Tech - Our Nova Tech program is intended for both new and developing swimmers, with a focus on stroke development and improvement.  PHAST Nova Tech swimmers start with 2 practices per week, with practice days determined by the Head Coach. The Nova Tech program has 3 levels including Participation, Level 1 and Level 2, each with its own time standard.  Time standards are measured by time-based performance at swim meets, which are 1 day meets at this level.  When Nova Tech swimmers have reached all of the Level 2 standards, they graduate from Nova Tech to the AA level, and are no longer eligible to attend Nova Tech swim meets. 

"AA"  - "AA" swimmers are expected to increase practice time to 3 or 4 times per week, and attend AA level swim meets, which run over the course of a weekend (2 days).

"AAA" - "AAA" swimmers are expected to practice 4-7 times per week, and qualify to attend AAA meets, which typically run over 2-3 days. 

Registration is structured as follows: Registration Fees 2019-2020 (includes registration fees, former fundraising commitment, Swim N.S. Fee & PHAST T-Shirt)

Level 1- Nova Tech- Levels P & 1- $1200.00

Level 2- Age Group/Nova Tech level 2 - 2/3 swims per week- $1400.00

Level 3- Age Group 4+ swims per week- $1600.00

• $400 discount for each additional swimmer in the same family •

Families are expected to pay $300 upfront with the remainder to be paid either monthly or in a lump sum as preferred.

Family Fundraising & Family Volunteer Commitment. 

It is expected that every swim family will participate fully in ongoing PHAST fundraising events so as to support the effective functioning of the club. Fundraising is a critical component of effective club functioning, and of ensuring that our financial costs/commitments are met in full. Swimming is a sport which requires everyone on the club to contribute in order for the season to run smoothly. Many hands make light work! As such, each family is required to provide a post-dated cheque (May 31, 2020) in the amount of $200, which will be returned provided that they have met their volunteer commitment (100 credits/season per family). There are a variety of events throughout the year that each family is expected to contribute either time or resources to.