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CSSC Continues to Make Waves at PVST Pentathlo


37 athletes competed from Conejo Simi Swim Club in Camarillo in the PVST Pentathlon. CSSC swimmers had 140 new best times with an improvement percentage at 72%. It was a great meet for CSSC. Of these swims 41 of them were new National Motivational Times.

Saturday was the Pentathlon and we had the following swimmers finish in the Top 10 of the respective age and gender divisions:

Ankith Veeravatnam finished in 2nd for the 8 year old boy division.

Elizabeth Pegula finished 7th and Sophia Johnston-Bouchard finished in 9th place for the 9 year old girl division.

Liam Cruz finished in 10th place in the 9 year old boy division.

Izabella Pegula finished in 7th in 11 year old girls division.

Aneesh Veeravatnam took 1st place in the 11 year old boy division.

Kim Costantino took 6th in the 13 year old girls division.

Kayla Le took 6th in the 14 year old girls division.

Leo Deng finished 7th in the 15 year old boys division.

In the 17 year old divisions Savanna Paredes took 1st place in the girls and Sawyer Graczyk took 2nd in the boys.

Highest Level of National Motivational Times Achieved:

National B Time:

Nina Deng

Sophia Johnston Bouchard

Jasmine Le

Kaitlyn Nguyen

Taylee Rueckert

Brooklynn Henderson

Andre Aouda

Gabriel Diaz

Lucas Medina

Ankith Veeravatnam

Daniel Wong-Moon

National BB Time:

Regine Abunan

Kim Costantino

Sawyer Graczyk

Kayla Le

Ava Pawlik

Elizabeth Pegula

Izabella Pegula

Taylor Cruz

Eric Spelts

Hunter Yin

National A Time:

Savanna Paredes

Andrew Luo

Ben Sudario

Matthieu Fresco

National AAA Time:

Aneesh Veeravatnam