Letter from our Storm Volunteer Coordinator


If you have not yet done so, please take the time to read our UPDATED Volunteering Policy. As stated in this current policy, we ask that ALL families of South Metro Storm Swim Club complete at least 3 volunteer jobs per family during at least one of our 3 Intra-Squad or 2 Home Invite meets that we will host during the Fall/Winter Season. This DOES include those participating as HS Girls/Boys, HS Prep (formerly knows as Maintenance), and new families.

All jobs do not have to be completed within one single meet. They may be split up and completed as you see fit, between different meets as long as they are completed withing the Fall/Winter season. This does NOT mean you may do a half-shift of a job here and a half-shift there. Plan to work the complete shift of each job you sign-up for.

If you are not able to volunteer at a meet(s) you may have your swimmer(s), a family member, a friend, etc. volunteer in your place. Simply "commit" in your name and add their name in the notes.

Families who choose to discontinue their membership for any reason during the season, will still be required to fulfill their volunteering requirements, or they will be assessed the volunteering fee of $200 for the Fall/Winter season. If you do not sign up to volunteer for an event, make other arrangements to volunteer, or bring in a check to offset costs, there will be a charge added to your account.

There are plenty of jobs for everyone. However, keep in mind that jobs are filled on a first-come-first-serve basis. If you know that you are not available for a certain meet then be sure to sign-up for a job at a different meet sooner rather than later.

The Storm feels strongly that the inclusion of meets benefits not only the athletes that we serve, but also strengthens the communities that we all share. Athletes from other communities brings dollars to local companies, draw attention to our cities, and provide a sense of pride to our organization. It is also a significant means to offset costs associated with the sport; by providing funds for equipment, coaches and pool time. 

Meets are our primary means of fundraising for our team and we cannot run them successfully without your help!

Fall/Winter season meets:

Job Sign-Ups are now OPEN 

October 6 ~ IntraSquad Meet @ KTMS

November 2-3 ~ Fall HOME Invite @ HOMS

December 14 ~ IntraSquad @ KTMS

January 5 ~  IntrasSquad @ KTMS (struggling to get this link to activate, please visit the meet schedule on for our Jan 5 IntraSquad meet at KTMS)

January 25-26 ~ Winter HOME Invite @ HOMS




Thank you!
Natalie Lund 
Volunteer Coordinator 
South Metro Storm Swim Club