SJAC Meet Information

Hello EMAC

We are getting ready for our SJAC Meet.

This is the meet that all our practices and prep are geared toward for the first half of the season.   Please double-check your swimmer's commitment to the meet. 

A few important items:

  • It is in the swimmers’ best interests to swim as many days as possible at this meet.
  • Swimmers 11 and older are limited to 3 events per day, the limit for a prelims/finals meet.
  • All swimmers that make finals are expected to attend finals…even on Sunday.  There is a MA penalty for swimmers who fail to scratch and do not show up to finals.
  • Swimmers are not permitted to scratch without coach approval.
  • We won this meet last year.  We intend to win it again, but we want to have more fun this time in the process!!!
  • We will not release the name of the team hotel until we book our team rooms so that we ensure our athletes on the trip have enough rooms.  

Missed the Deadline:

  • Email Coach Doug by Friday, September 27, to request to be added to the meet.

Team Trip:

Swimmers ages 13 and over have the option to go to the meet as part of a team travel trip, which includes bus transportation, hotel, meet entry fees, and food.  

Last year, the cost for each swimmer was $360.  That's an outstanding deal for a trip that covers transportation, hotel, food, and meet entry fees!!!  We will make every attempt to come in at that cost again.  However, we need everyone to act quickly.  The more quickly we know how many participants we will have, the more cost effectively we can plan.  

Team Trip Participation Has Two Options:

  1. Travel by bus on Thursday -departure approximately 12:30 pm - and stay in the team hotel with teammates on Thursday, Fri, Saturday    - or -
  2. Travel with parents and join team on Friday to stay in team hotel with teammates on Fri and Sat.

HERE is a list of the swimmers eligible to participate in team travel trip.

We need to know your intent.  Please email Coach Doug by September 28 to let him know whether your swimmer will be participating in the team travel trip. 


  • We will be prepared to accomodate swimmers with food sensitivities. 
  • Depending upon how many swimmers we get, we may have to limit the number of swimmers alloweed on the trip.  For example: 

Team Travel Policy:

If you are attending, you will need to review and sign our EMAC Team Travel Policy HERE.  It is provided here for your convenience so that you can fill it out, scan it, and send it to Coach Doug when you email him as requested above.