2019 Annual Meeting Notice and Open Board Positions


Good Evening OVSC Members!

We hope you’re all settling in nicely to a beautiful fall season.


Please  MARK YOUR CALENDARS :  We will be having our general membership meeting on  Wednesday, November 6th at 7:00 pm in the Marvista Elementary Cafeteria .  All members are welcome to attend the meeting, but only Active members in good standing are allowed to vote.


We will be discussing our annual budget, holding board elections, sharing an update on our renovation project, bylaws updates and vote on an increase in CIF for new members.  


Board Positions open for 2020:

Vice-President (3 year term):

Outgoing:  Josh Whited

2020 Running: Robert Parker

Brief description of duties : The Vice-President shall serve in the absence or disability of the President. The Vice-President shall oversee and assist the Pool Facilities manager.


Treasurer (1 year term remaining due to resignation):

Outgoing:  Jen Manchester

2020 Running: Open

Brief description of duties : The Treasurer shall process all financial transactions occurring at the pool: picking up deposits from safe, verifying accuracy, reporting to bookkeeper, delivering to bank. The Treasurer shall ensure that proper cash on hand is available for regular business activities as well as special events (swim meets, etc.). The Treasurer shall work closely with the bookkeeper to ensure that all monies due are received and accounted for. The Treasurer shall present a monthly review of the pool's finances as well as create the yearly budget. The Treasurer shall perform other duties as determined by the Board.   


Secretary (3 year term):

Outgoing:  Salli Talmadge

2020 Running: Open

Brief description of duties : The Secretary shall keep the minutes, attend to the correspondence, send out all notices of meetings, and perform other duties as determined by the Board.


Team Coordinator (Position 3- Water Polo) (1 year term remaining):

2020 Running: Tiffany Baisch

(appointed to this open position after the November general meeting last year by the board to fill a vacant position.  She needs to be elected by the membership to serve the remainder of her term)

Brief description of duties: Shall coordinate the Water Polo team and assist the other team coordinators with all team events and volunteer coordination.



If you are interested in running for any of these positions, please respond to this email.  We will take additional candidates (via email) up until Friday, October 25 th at 10pm.


A final list of candidates will be sent out Monday, October 28 th and proxy votes will be accepted after that up until 8pm, Friday, November 1 st at 10pm.


If you have any questions about any of these positions, please feel free to contact any of the active board members listed below:


Jennifer Hefford-Anderson:

Brian Riggs:

Jen Manchester:

Salli Talmadge:

Haley Ballast:

Coleen Auxier:

Tiffany Baisch:

Greg and Emily Goldstein:

Megan Schumacher:



Have a great day!


OVSC Board