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Meet Results - LCN vs Fraser

Before I begin the write-up about the meet tonight, I would like to commend the  Lady Crusader swim team for representing Crusader Nation in such a positive manor. The first compliment I received today came from the bus driver that drove them to Fraser High School. He actually stayed in the parking lot and waited for me to arrive with my daughter Vivian to tell me how polite and respectful our swimmers were during the bus ride. He stated; "I wish all the teams he transports would behave so respectfully." I was extremely proud to here this compliment. The compliments did not end at the beginning of the meet however. At the conclusion of the meet, Coach Nick (a Fraser graduate) went to get some food and he sent me a text that said "I received a bunch more compliments from parents working the food serving about how nice and respectful our team was tonight."

To hear these types of compliments makes me extremely proud. I love swimmers to swim fast and preform well, but it is all for nothing if a person is rude and not thankful for the gifts they have been given. I THANK all the swimmers and parents for what occurred tonight.

Now, on to the meet. The announced score of the meet was 90-83. The true score should have been 126-53. A number of swimmers swam phenomenally tonight. The following swimmers swam their season/personal best times in the following events: 200 Free - Makayla Owensby & Avery Brown, 200 IM - Emma Dutkiewicz & Jenna Bliss, 50 Free - Sara Bauer, Rachel Yung & Peyton Cooper, 100 Free - Brianne Lowe, Sydney Johns & Kaelan Fischer, 500 Free - Jenna Bliss & Megan Schwartz, 100 Back - Sara Bauer & Jenna Loyal, 100 Breast - Emma Dutkiewicz.

Presently, the team has qualified 12 swimmers, Sara Bauer, Tori Beels, Jenna Bliss, Avery Brown, Emma Dutkiewicz, AnnDee Geddes, Hannah Gurecki, Brianne Lowe, MacKenzie Owensby, Makayla Owensby, Lauren Paris & Olivia Perfili and our only diver, Malaya Bingham for the Macomb County Championship meet. There are a number of swimmers that have the potential to qualify this Thursday at our meet with GPN (which will be at GPN). I would like to remind these swimmers that they need to stay focused on technique and not the time they would like to achieve. 

If a swimmer swims with proper technique, times will take care of them self.. This is why at practice it is so important to not only work on endurance, but also technique. Muscles will get sore, and I understand there is a fine line, but achieving a goal does take a great deal of effort in the world of swimming.

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