Home FUN! Practice Meet at WEST 
DATE: Thursday OCTOBER 3rd 4:30-7:00 pm ( meet sign will be up Friday 27th) 


MLA/Holland MEET posted now-due Oct 6

THIS MEET IS FOR EXPERIENCED SWIMMERS ONLY IN BLUE 2 AND SENIOR.  For any WHITE II and BLUE I, by permission only and please contact Kathy regarding this.  This meet is a trials and finals meet, for all 11&up swimmers, which means your swimmer might possibly swim their events twice in one day (am and pm).  10& under can swim, but again for experienced swimmers who are 2nd year Breakers minimally.

HELP!!!  it looks like we can't go to all the meets....some restrictions...SO then....

What MEETS should my swimmer then focus on? When I look at the meet schedule there are so many to choose….here’s the 411 for the next month of meets.

SWIMMERS IN ALL groups should be focused on attending our upcoming YMCA meets:

REMEMBER  In order to swim at ANY of our YMCA championship meets (see below) your swimmer must have swam at 3 DAYS OF YMCA MEETS

 MYST Pentathlon Meet in Grand Haven (not posted)

DATE: November 9th


 RAYS YMCA meet (not posted)

DATE: November 22-24. (Distance events on Friday) 

NOTE: January 25th is our HOME meet with Cadillac YMCA, this counts toward your3 and you won’t have to travel.

Plan Ahead and LOOKING INTO 2020:

ALL 8 & under swimmers:

  • Can go to the YMCA state championship without having to make a certain qualifying time!!!   That’s the beauty of this 8&under Championship meet -so let’s take all of you!!

DATE: February 15th

9 and over swimmers who might not make a YMCA state qualifying time:

Can go to the YMCA District meet

DATE: February 15th.

9yrs and older swimmers who make YMCA qualifying times for individual events or relays:

  • Will go to the YMCA State Championship Meet (need to be avail to swim both days please)

DATE February 22-23.

Our season rests on the fact that we are preparing your swimmers for the YMCA Championship season.  We have goals for each swimmer, group etc… and we are honing skills, crafting the art of racing and healthy competition for the next 5months to make this all come to fruition.

We want everyone to feel like they have lots of opportunities with the variety of meets that are offered to be part of ourTEAM.

If you have any questions please ask.