BASH update and Practice schedule
  1. We will have our annual Swim Team Parent Meeting, Sunday, September 29 at 6:15 PM in the gym at the YMCA – hopefully EVERY family will be represented. We will send out the handout early next week to all.
  2. NO Swim practices this Sunday, Due to the above Meeting!
  3. Attached is the Updated Swim practice schedule
    1. Mondays starting September 30 – AG 2 moves to Main Pool at 4:30 PM, Senior 3 moves to Ferris Pool at 4:15 PM and AG 4 starts in Twin Lakes at 6:30 PM
    2. Thursdays now AG 1 swim in Ferris at 7:30 PM, Senior 3 swim in Main at 7:30 PM
    3. All these changes are highlighted on this Schedule
  4. Sign up for the Practice meet at the Y on Friday, October 4 AS SOON AS POSSIBLE – no fee, each can swim 3 races, we will need parents to volunteer!
  5. Swim Cap sign up is on our website!! Do so as soon as possible
  6. USA Swimming sign up is also available.