NTS Officials Clinic
To: North Texas Swimming Officials,
From: Your Official Committee
First, thank you for your volunteering and serving our athletes. I would like to take the opportunity to thank Phil Lakota who served as our officials chair in the last 4 years, and Robert Steffner and Ron Weimer for their service on the Committee. A lot has been done and we still have a lot to do. 
Also, thanks to those who attended the Annual clinic last Sat. Attached are the two slides I used for discussion in the Clinic..   
We have a thriving and growing swimming community in North Texas. The growth of number of athletes has made our percentage of Officials to athletes, around 3%, among the lowest in the country. We need your continuous support in volunteering as officials and continue to recruit and perpetuate more certified officials at all levels. 
We are committed to improve the communication among officials and other stakeholders. Craig Lutgen has done a lot of great work to move our communication to a more efficient platform, Google Suite. Please check out the NTS official page for updates and Monthly Official Committee conference call agenda and minutes, Calendar with Meet information and sign up forms. You will hear from Craig to invite you to sign up for your email address.  
The first Committee call is scheduled for 8pm on 9/30.  
In the annual clinic last Saturday, you provided us with the following feedback. We take these to heart and would very much like to engage those of you who are interested to help make the NTS Official community world class to best support our athletes. 
Notes of feedback from 2019 Annual clinic.
- establish a clear and transparent framework of who can be the LSC mentor/evaluator.
-  utilize newly certified officials as buddies for apprentices
- ask for the ability to upload certification documents such as the apprentice log. The purpose is to make it easier to send, find and track the necessary paper work
- set up a table at larger meets to introduce parents to officiating
- use webinar as a training tool
- better share best practices across the NTS official community
- make it easier for officials to go to their team website to access Official information
- add who to contact in case of questions under the signature of email communication from the official committee
- consider seating up some ‘try out’ opportunities for parents to get first hand experience. E.g. for a local meet, we can invite parents who are interested to become an official to stand next to an official for a could of events to see what officials do.  
Kenneth Y Chung
NTS Officials Committee Chair