Squad Rosters and Swim Times Posted

Good Evening Team,

The Team Rosters for 2018/2019 Season has been posted under Swimmers Info. Session times are also posted. Please note that there is NO SWIMMING this Saturday due to Coaches attending Swim Alberta AGM. Coach Gina will hold Friday practice for Bronze, Silver and Gold. Updated monthly schedule will be posted next week as well. Please save the date for the 12 October 10-12:00 AM for Meet the Coaches, Gear Swap and Introduction to YKPBSC. More info to follow.

If you are new to the Club, please ensure to respond to the Swim Canada email which will confirm your membership with Swim AB/Swim Canada and insure your swimmer. Swimmers will not be able to swim after 2 October if they are not insured with Swim Canada.

Thanks to all for your patience with the try out process. Extra special thanks to Team Registrar, Carolina Roja for making this process roll out so smoothly. Also thanks to Coaches Tyree, Kirsty, and Frankie as well as Junior Coaches Abby S, Abby T, Olga and Aisling for making sure everybody was placed in the right groups.

Check back to this site next week to hear about this year's Swim for Life and Polar Pups which will start up after Thanksgiving.

I cant wait to see everyone's smiling faces on Monday. See you all on deck,

Coach Carol