Summer in Review

Once again Swim Omaha is finishing up another great Summer Long Course season!  From July 17 th through August 4 th swimmers of all ages competed in their season Championship Meets and some had to travel across the Midwest.  


We began our championship season with the 8&Unders in Fremont and the Region XIII Championships in Jenks Oklahoma.


Swim Omaha had 5 top 8 finishes at the 8&Under championships who collectively dropped 27.91 seconds and had 9 personal best times.  This same weekend Swim Omaha sent 5 high school swimmers to the Region XIII Championships.


Building on the team’s success from the prior weekend Swim Omaha was ready to “Go Bananas” at the Championship meet in Lincoln.  Swim Omaha came out of the meet with a third-place team finish and scored a collective 2859.5 points. The only thing more impressive then that score is the over 2,000 seconds that Swim Omaha dropped during the meet.


With a long championship weekend over, some swimmers were excited to get back in the water for the Central Zones Championships.


Eight Zone qualifiers went to Fargo, North Dakota and scored a combine 138 points for Team Midwestern as they competed against swimmers from across the Midwest including: Minnesota, Indiana, Iowa, Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma and the Dakotas.  


As we are jumpin into Fall and Spring seasons it is important to remember the great success of our athletes during the Summer of 2019.  The coaching staff is very excited to see everyone reenergized and ready to go for the short course season to begin!


Submittend by Mike Mollak