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Hello Bengal Families!


We are heading into our last “challenge” of the season through Zen with Jen! This one is a sleep challenge encouraging the girls to honor and respect their body’s need for rest and recovery. There was no small amount of enthusiasm when I mentioned it last week!! Lol.


Sleep is detrimental to how we function on a daily basis. I would encourage you to chat with your daughter/daughters about HOW they sleep at night. Do they fall asleep easily? Do they stay asleep? Do they wake feeling rested? And discuss self-care in this area.


We will start on Monday and run through Sunday of next week. Again, I will take the tally sheets and randomly draw winners!


This has been a fun addition to the season and the girls are doing an awesome job of participating.


To end our season of challenges I would encourage you to note any area of challenge for your swimmers (have that conversation with her) and encourage a change for 21 days or more to create a HABIT. I am just giving small pushes into these areas, but there can certainly be emphasis in an area specific to YOUR swimmer/s! Maybe it is nutrition, sleep, balance, time management, mindfulness, shifting mind-set etc. It is fun to JOIN with our kids in these habits too! A whole family commitment to a new habit is an epic way to create positive change and support someone’s effort.


I watched a really powerful video, “Red Table Talk” with Will Smith and his family around nutrition (see if you can’t find it on YouTube if you are interested) and it was just amazing to listen to their authentic talk and to see them dig deep in how to shift their nutrition as a whole family! It really pushed me to do the same with my own family.


As always, I am blessed to know you kids and love the connection to this team!


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