Weekly Announcements for week 9/29-10/5
Dear SBSC families,

Practice Schedule
RHS Practice Groups
Group 1: Thursday 6:00-7:15

G1 Elite: Monday 5:30-7:15
Group 2: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday 5:30-7:15, and Friday 5:00-6:30

Group 3 PM: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday 4:15-6:30PM, and Friday 5:00-6:30PM

Group 3 AM: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 5:30AM -7:00AM


NPHS Practice Groups (all times for NP are CST)

Group 1 Monday 6:00-7:15

Group 2 & 3 Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday 5:30-7:15


Practice Notes:   NP families please make sure to use the main doors when entering the building at NPHS.  NP Group 1 will practice on Monday this week to allow them another practice prior to the Intra-Squad meet. 


No Wednesday AM for Group 3 due to the late start for South Bend Schools.


Group 3's  Friday is unique.  The majority of this group is part of the Riley Swim team and they are required to attend their Port-A-Pit fundraiser after school.  We will offer a morning workout for that day and evening workout that starts at 5:00 PM.  These will be the same workout so athletes should attend whichever one works best for their schedule.


Group 1's practices will last until 7:15 through the month of October.

A reminder to all Group 2 swimmers attending Friday's practice to bring dry-land clothes and running shoes.


NP Credit

I believe I have credited all the New Prairie families for September.  If you do not see the credit on your account please let me know.


Intra-Squad Meet at RHS Tuesday Oct. 1st
The first meet on our schedule is the annual intra-squad meet.  All swimmers will be entered in the meet unless I receive an email from you stating that will not be attending or you decline to attend on the meet commitment page.  As of this morning I am only aware of 7 athletes not attending (through email and meet declaration system).
Swimmers should be on deck by 5:30.  We will do a very quick warm-up and we'll start the meet as close to 6:00 as we can.  The meet should take right around 75 minutes.  The swimmers will take a couple of team pictures then we will head to the cafeteria for the pizza party/potluck.  The club will provide the pizza, eating utensils and drinks.  Families with last names beginning with A-M bring their favorite side dish and families with last name beginning with N-Z please bring your favorite dessert.
We will also need help running the meet.  Please make sure to log into our website then click on the "Meet/Events" tab then click on the "Jobs Sign-up" and choose the job you'd like to help with
NCISC Meet Saturday October 5th at Riley High School
Here are the pertinent times for this Saturday's meet:
Warm-ups for 11 and overs-  7:00-7:40 (our swimmers need to be on deck by 6:45)
Warm-ups for 10 and unders- 7:40-8:05 (our swimmers need to be on deck by 7:25)

Meet starts- 8:15


This is the first actual meet on our schedule.  This meet is appropriate for our entire team.  If you would like your swimmer to attend you will need to use the websites meet declaration process.  If you want to commit your swimmer start by logging in to your account, click on the "MEETS/EVENTS" tab, scroll to the "NCISC 19 Fall Sprint meet", click on the "Edit Commitment" button, and choose the "Yes" option.  The deadline to commit to this meet is tomorrow Monday September 30th.
The cost of this meet is $6.  Swimmers may be able to swim 3 individual events and 2 relays.
An email was sent yesterday requesting your help. Since we are the meet host we need several volunteers to pull off a successful event.  We will need timers, concession stand workers, hospitality room helpers, credential check point workers, and some help with the awards.  Some jobs are set up for two hour time slots.  If you can volunteer for more then one two hour spot it would be greatly appreciated. You can get to jobs volunteer page by clicking here, remember to make sure you are logged in to our website.
Concord Dual Meet Saturday October 12th at Concord High School
This meet is a two team head-to-head meet between us and the Concord Swim Club.  More details about time lines to follow.  We will be meeting for lunch at BW3's after the meet. Each family will be responsible for their own meals. The deadline to commit to this meet is October 8th.  But, if you know you will be attending this meet please commit as soon as you can.  Since both the NCISC meet and this one offer the same events it helps with planning/event selection if I know they are attending both.
Swim-A-Thon at Riley High School October 19th
As of this morning we are just 25% of our way towards our goal.  Only 22 swimmers have received donations so far.  We currently have 116 swimmers active in our program.  This is the only fundraising we do for the entire year and it is imperative for our operating budget.  I realize every activity your child participates in does fundraising. I am also aware you can only call ask the grandparents only so many times.  But it very easy to set up your swimmer's account, send out to your email and put a link on your Facebook page. 

This year will be using the funds for our Swim-A-Thon to not only keep your costs low but to purchase some updated dry-land equipment, power racks for the pool deck, and continuing coach education.  We also are looking into hiring a full-time lifeguard and hope to use the funds raised for this as well.

If every swimmer raised as little as $90 we surpass our goal. Any swimmer that doubles that amount and raises at least $180 will receive an embroidered team suit.  We have 5 swimmers who have already achieved that goal!
RHS Port-A-Pit Friday Oct. 4th
Both the boys and girls swim teams will be doing their annual Port-A-Pit sales at the O'brien Skate Park.  The skate park is located on the corner of Michigan and Walter streets. We will be pre-selling tickets for half chickens for $7. We will also be selling pit-potatoes for $3 the day of the event. 


CON Skypoint Transit Invitational November 8th-10th

This is an exclusive meet and our club was given preferential early entry status. The deadline for this meet is tonight Sunday the 29th. This is the first meet being held in the brand new Elkhart Aquatic Center and promises to offer some great competition.  The high school girl swimmers will be back with their high school teams but will not need a waiver to compete this weekend.  The high school boys will have not yet started officially with their high school teams so they will also not need a waiver.  Hopefully, you will be able to sign your swimmers up for this meet not only for the great competition but also to be a part of swimming history in our community.


Elkhart Invitational November November 23rd & 24th

You received and email reminder this morning about the approaching deadline of October 6th, next Sunday.  We will almost certainly be extending the deadline.  The meet information is not yet available so at minimum it will be extended one week later.  I will update when I know more.


Spirit Wear I've met with one of the It's Tops sales reps several times over the last few weeks and we are getting very close to having the order form ready for distribution.  We meet again next week so hopefully we will have something for you in next Sunday's email.


New USA Swimming Guidelines-MAAPP

USA Swimming issued a directive with regards to electronic communication and social media contact between coaches and athletes.  Most of what is being implemented is common sense and falls in line with our club's policies.  One new requirement we will need to adhere to is how your minor child communicates with me.  For several years I have asked swimmers in Group 2 and Group 3 to text/email me if they would be missing practice.  Moving forward, swimmers will be instructed to include a parent on all communication with me.


If you are the parent of a Group 2 or Group 3 swimmer, and have never sent me a text before, please text me so I have your contact info in my phone.  This way if I need to contact your swimmer about missing practice I can be sure to include you.  My cell phone number is 574-276-6057.


I encourage all parents and swimmers to read the full policy.  We are required to keep this policy on our website, here is the link

Fall and Winter Meet Schedule/Dates of Meet/Location/Deadline to commit

Below is our fall/winter meet schedule. The first date listed is the day(s) of the meet and second date is the deadline to commit. Swimmers wanting to compete will need to commit to those meets.  The deadlines are based on deadlines that were set last year (or best guess for new meets). They may change once the meet hosts posts the meet information.  When committing to multiple day meets please if the option to select the days you want is not available, please leave a message in the available notes section of the specific days you would like to attend. Meets marked with an * are meets that require swimmers to meet certain time standards.  All pool locations can be found on our website under the "Pools" tab


Intra Squad Meet/October 1st/Riley High School/Monday September 30th

NCISC Fall Sprint Meet/October 5th/Riley High School/Monday September 30th

Dual Vs. CON/October 12th/Concord High School/October 8th

CON Great Lakes Meet/November 8th-10th/Elkhart Aquatic Center/Tonight Sunday September 29th

ELK Invitational/November 23rd & 24th/Elkhart Aquatic Center/possibly Sunday October 13th

Maple City Classic/December 7th and 8th/Laporte High School/November 3rd

DUNE Rumble in the Region/December 14th/Chesterton High School/November 10th

IA TW Invite/January 3rd-5th/Rolfs Aquatic Center, Notre Dame/November 10th

CON IMXtreme Challenge/January 24th-26th/Concord High School/December 8th

NCISC Winter Championships/February 15th/Riley High School/February 9th

CON Last Chance/February 28th-March 1st/Concord High School/January 26th

*IN Divisonals/March 6th-8th/Lake Central High School/February 16th

*IN Age Senior State/March 13th-15th/IUPUI/March 1st

*IN Age Group State.March 20th-22nd/IUPUI/March 1st

*Speedo Sectionals/March 26th-29th/Elkhart Aquatic Center/March 1st

As always, if you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me.


John VanDriessche
Head Coach
South Bend Swim Club
South Bend Riley High School