SPLASH- DCSC Team Newsletter

SPLASH: DCSC Team Newsletter

Open House Update: September 9 th – 13 th  

More than 30 swimmers came to meet our coaches and try a practice during the Open House week.  There are many new faces in the Blue Novatech squad and a few in Junior and Senior and we want to send a hearty welcome to all! 


There will be team activities coming up in October (listed below) to help bring the team together and give all the families a chance to meet one another. Mark you calendars for these upcoming events!

Coaches Leila and Kevin working with New and returning Blue Novatech swimmers


Coaches Leila and Kevin working with 

New and returning Blue Novatech


Communication – SPLASH, Update Communique, and Crusaders web site

SPLASH – is our team newsletter and it will be circulated each 2 to 4 weeks as events occur and there is news to share,

Update Communique – will be circulated more frequently as deadlines emerge and reminders are needed.  

Each will be posted to our web page so that you can review whenever you need to.

Dartmouth Crusaders web site – a full calendar of activities and swim meets for the season is posted on our web site along with helpful information on equipment, fundraising, Board contacts and much more.  We encourage all members to check all the tabs and to check back frequently as updates are on-going.

Upcoming Events:


October 5 th  

  • Dartmouth Crusaders is celebrating 50 years as a team in Dartmouth in the sport of swimming.  There will be a celebration at the Banook Canoe Club on Saturday from 1pm to 4pm.  Everyone is invited! During the morning practice as we change over from the Senior/Junior squads to the younger Crusaders we have our own little celebration with all the swimmers.

  • Crusaders Job Fair – there are many ways for families to participate in the Crusaders: to help rebuild, to help it function smoothly, to keep it fun.  Visit us in the Nova Room (beside the small pool) between 7:30am and 9:00am

  • Toonie or two Table – A table of second- hand (lightly used or well loved) team shirts, land training shirts, and few other odds and ends will be available on Saturday morning 8:30am – 9:30am in the Nova Room. Bring a toonie (or possibly 2 or 3 for some items), drop it in the box, the item is yours!!


October 8th, 9 th , 10 th   – The Crusader Playground returns for another season.  If you know someone who has a little swimmer, aged 4-7, who is part fish (!!) – that is, loves to jump in deep water, submerge and blow bubbles – then send them our way.  They can contact our email to get the details ( )


October 14 th – Happy Thanksgiving!  There will be no practices for any squad on Monday October 14 th


October 19 th  

  • Hallowe’en Fun Meet 8:15am – 9:00am , includes the return of the Pumpkin relays!  All swimmers from all squad are included.

  • Annual General meeting for parents 7:30am – 8:30am Thistle Room – Swim Club activities reviewed, followed by information and Q&A time for all members on the fundraiser events, Sobeys, MFC, and Participation points.

  • *Muffin Morning – 8:30am – 9:30am, following the AGM and the Fun meet in the Nova Room

*Muffin Morning Message: October 19th

Hello Crusader Swim Families,


For our new members, my name is Lisa Patter. Myself and Jamie Flynn will be coordinating some fun things with our team this season, including Muffin Mornings!


After our AGM is on Saturday, 19 th October  7.30-8.30am, we will be hosting the first muffin morning in the Nova room from 8:30 to 9:30 (situated at the side of the small pool). You will see me there from 7:30 onward, the one in the apron! 


We are asking parents for donations of muffins, we would like to have around 120 muffins.

Please email me at if you are able to help with a donation. Donations can be dropped off in the Nova room at the Sportsplex prior to going to the AGM.  Some gluten free options would be appreciated.

Please bring your own water bottle.



October 26th & 27th – Age Group development meet #1, Dal

Saturday 26th afternoon – Relay meet at Dal for age group level swimmers (does not include Novatech)

Sunday 27th morning – Individual events at Dal

Meet information is available on line at  under Events.  

Crusaders entries will be circulated shortly.


November 2nd – Novatech Meet # 1, Centennial Pool, Saturday afternoon

Details with meet information and Crusader entries will be circulated when the meet has been posted to the web.


November 9th & 10th – Age group development meet #2, Acadia

Details with meet information and Crusader entries will be circulated when the meet has been posted to the web.  All age group level swimmers will be entered on both days. For families who plan to stay over, a block of rooms has been booked at the Orchard Inn.  Please note the release date for the block.