Team Meeting Recap!

Good afternoon MAX Families,


As promised for those who were at the Team Meeting Friday, September 20th, and for those who were not, we have our meeting recap attached!


  1. Minimum Attendance and On-time arrival
    Here at MAX Aquatics, we have no Minimum attendance (except for SD). Meaning that you may arrive any day of the week at any time. No questions asked.
    However, we request that when you do arrive, it’s ON TIME. This is for multiple reasons. Primarily, your athletes safety, when they show up late, they miss their warm-up/dryland. 90% of injuries that occur are caused by those athletes showing up late and missing their warm-up/dryland. Let’s help us prevent the injuries! In addition, it takes away from what our staff is there to do, coach! When an athlete arrives late, we must stop what we are doing to fill in the athlete that arrives late. If this happens multiple times a workout, that’s multiple times throughout workout we are not focusing on the athletes who showed up on time.


  1. Swim Meets!
    We must have a better team attendance for Swim Meets. Swim meets are extremely important to training; this shows the coaches where the athletes are and the BEST way for a coach to see what they need to work on at full speed.

    Just as there are Tests in school, swim meets are the 'tests' of swimming. For the same reason you wouldn't sign up for piano lessons without an eventual recital is the same reason you should register for the monthly swim meets.

    The bonus: as a swimmer- that's the BEST part! Believe it or not at one point I was an age group swimmer and can tell you first hand that I didn't attend workout because I liked being tired and working hard- I went because of the eventual swim meet where I could show off what I did- plus the team comradery.
  2. 2020 USA Registration/Annual Online Registration
    As per your registration packet. October 1st of every year, your Annual online registration ($30) is placed per account. In addition, you’re 2020 USA Registration ($70) in placed per athlete.

Please note, if you joined MAX Aquatics after 8/15/19, or you already paid a 2020 USA Registration, your account was not charged again. You are valid through 12/31/2020. Again, the USA Registration is per athlete while the annual online is per family account. If you have any billing related questions, please email Coach Michael at

  1. Team Order Parka

If you have not yet ordered a Team, ARENA MAX Parka, please do so BEFORE it gets cold out. The ordering and embroidery process takes 2-3 weeks. This process time spikes once the first rain comes. Please order early! Congrats to all those who ordered directly at the team meeting! Remember, we get a team discount from ARENA as our sponsor and an additional discount from Competitive Aquatics Supply (CAS) our vendor as our sponsor! Go get that thick, warm, durable parka the makes us look like a team!

  1. Reactivation Changes effective January 1st, 2020.
    New to MAX Aquatics is a reactivation charge effective January 1st. There will be a $30/account for a reactivation. This is due to the increasing time to confirm digital USA Registration, dues, location, and other information is accurate and up to date. This will apply to any and all that take one or several months off. Please note, this is in line with what majority of Level 2+ clubs already operate and will help keep us the best team in the San Gabriel Valley!


MAX Coaching Staff