The statement descriptor of PDST ACH changed to SPORTSENGINE(SE) SE

Hi dear members,

Welcome to use the TeamUnify system to set up the ACH. 

There is a change for the electronic processing that the statement descriptor of PDST ACH has changed from TeamUnify(TU) to SPORTSENGINE(SE) since June 2019, which means when you make a payment to PDST through ACH, you will see “SPORTSENGINE(SE) ”, which is TeamUnify’s parent company in the transfer record of the bank account.

Please check your record if the transfer amount matches up with your PDST invoice, and notify your bank about the change, thank you.


Below is the procedure of setting up ACH FYI:

Sign in to your PDST account

Go to My Account THEN Setup Auto Pay

Click the "Current Payment Method" drop-down and select either Automatically charge BANK ACCOUNT below

Click the Edit link to the right of the "Bank Account on File"

Fill in the bank account (9 digit routing number and the account number) Click Save Changes


Please contact me if you have any further questions.


Best Regards,

Coach Leon from PDST