October 2019 Patriot News


Patriot News October 2019

Table of Contents:

  1. Billing Reminders
  2. Elsmore Custom Caps
  3. Calendar Update
  4. Meet Updates
  5. Travel Meet Reminders
  6. Hosted Meet Volunteer Reminders
  7. Parent Education



Any swimmer registered for Session 1 (Sept-Nov) will be billed the 2020 USA Swimming fee of $72 in October along with the team fee billing from the RecPlex. If you elected to pay session fees monthly, this will occur with this billing. If you paid Session 1 fees in full, you will be charged in October for the USA Swimming fee.

Reminder: Patriots Swimming billing occurs both through the RecPlex and through TeamUnify. Team fees are billed by the RecPlex and can be paid monthly, or in full, by session with a credit card or checking account. TeamUnify billing includes non-standard fees like meet and travel fees. An invoice is sent at the beginning of the month and can be automatically paid or by one-time payment or check. Any TeamUnify updates to your account can be made on our website.

Custom Cap Orders

Order a custom team cap with your athlete’s name on it! Order your caps until October 7th! Check out the discount coupon code and the Patriots portal HERE

October 2019 Calendar:

Monday, September 30-Friday, October 4: Regular Practice Schedule all groups.

Saturday, October 5: Elite 6:30-8a. PATRIOTS INTERSQUAD 9a Warmup, 10a Start

Sunday, October 6: Off


Monday, October 7-Saturday, October 12: Regular Practice Schedule all groups.

Sunday, October 13: Off


Monday, October 14-Friday, October 18:  Regular Practice Schedule all groups

Saturday, October 19-Sunday, October 20:  MMSC Fall Frenzy Swim Meet


Monday, October 21: RecPlex CLOSED NO PRACTICE ALL GROUPS- Team outting at Jerry Smith Farm 4-7pm

Tuesday October 22-Friday, October 25: Regular Practice Schedule all groups

Saturday, October 26-Sunday, October 27: Baracuda/Red/White: Off

Blue/Senior/Elite: LFSC Monster Mash 


Monday, October 28-Saturday, November 1: Regular Practice Schedule all groups

Sunday, November 3: Off



November 2019 Calendar

Monday, November 4-Thursday, November 7: Regular Practice Schedule all groups:

Friday, November 8-Sunday, November 10: NO PRACTICE ALL GROUPS DUE TO PATRIOTS WELCOME TO WINTER MEET. This is a team hosted meet and you need to get signed up to volunteer!


Monday, November 11-Friday, November 15: Regular Practice Schedule all groups

Saturday, November 16: Dual Meet with MMSC @ Mundelein

Sunday, November 17: Off


Monday, November 18-Saturday, November 23: Regular Practice Schedule all Groups

Sunday, November 25: Off


Monday, November 25-Wednesday, November 27: Regular Practice Schedule all groups

Thursday November 28-Friday November 29: NO PRACTICE DUE TO THANKSGIVING

Saturday, November 30: Normal Practice all groups

Sunday, December 1: Optional 12-2p 





Meet Updates

IntraSquad Swim Meet

Saturday, October 5

Warm up 9am, Meet Start 10am, Anticipated Finish 12:30pm

Click Here to be taken to the event page where you will find up to date information. Coming soon full entries (Tuesday), Timeline (Wednesday), Heat Sheet (Friday)

This is an introductory meet that is done in preparation for upcoming competition. There will be no other teams present. The meet is sanctioned and the results can be used for qualifying purposes.

We are also conducting an officials meet and greet. By attending you are not signing up to become an official or committing to anything. This is just an opportunity to meet our officials and learn more about the job. Please consider attending, officiating is a huge service to our team.  More Details Click Here


MMSC Fall Frenzy

Saturday, October 20-Sunday October 21

Saturday/Sunday AM 9-10 and 11-12, 8am warm up/9am meet start

Saturday/Sunday PM 8 under and Open, 12:00pm ETA warm up, 1:00pm ETA meet start

*this meet is positive check in. We will not have heat sheets in advance and athletes will learn their heat and lane 15 minutes before the start of the session. 

Our sign up deadline is 10/12. We will send preliminary entries on Friday, 10/5 and send a final entry file on 10/13.  Please get sign up before 10/5 so we can make sure all entries are accurate and have a longer check period. Later entries run a greater risk of having mistakes.

More Details Click Here


LFSC Monster Mash

Saturday, October 26-Sunday, October 27

For Blue, Senior, and Elite athletes

Deadline to sign up is October 16th

Click HERE to view the event page


PX3 Welcome to Winter

Friday November 8-Sunday November 10th

Annual team hosted event! All groups are welcome! All parents are necessary to make this event a huge success!

Check the event HERE.

Volunteer HERE


MMSC Dual Meet

Saturday, November 16th

At Mundelein High School

For those athletes who want to break up the time in between W2W and OLY/Arlington.

Check it out HERE


OLY Winter Invite

Thursday, December 5-Sunday December 8th

IUPUI, Indianapolis, IN

Qualified athletes ONLY

The hotel information will be posted this week. 13 and Over swimmers are encouraged to travel with the team on passenger vans and share rooms with teammates. Coach Dave will have more information regarding cost and itinerary very soon.

An informational meeting will be held after practice at 6:30pm Friday, October 25th.

OLY Event Page


Hosted Meet Volunteer Reminders

We have 3 hosted meets in the first two sessions of the year. Please clear your calendar these weekends.


Patriots (PX3) Welcome to Winter

November 8-10, 2019

Senior/8 Under AM Session, 9-10/11-12 PM Session

Barracuda 1job, F+T 1 job, Red 2 jobs, White 2 jobs, Blue 2 jobs, Senior 2 jobs


Patriots (PX3) January Invite

January 17-19, 2020

Senior/8 Under AM Session, 9-10/11-12 PM Session

Barracuda 1 job, F+T 1 job, Red 2 jobs, White 2 jobs, Blue 2 jobs, Senior 2 jobs


Wisconsin 13 and Over State Championships

March 5-8, 2020

Barracuda 1 job, F+T 1 job, Red 2 jobs, White 2 jobs, Blue 2 jobs, Senior 2 jobs

*if we can get everyone to work the above we will have enough volunteers to fill all job spots* 

Please remember that we need your help on these weekends. We cannot run our team without hosted swim meets and we need everyone’s help. Try to keep your schedule clear on these weekends.


Parent Education

Parents -- How to Help Your Swimmer Have a Great Mindset

By Will Jonathan//Contributor  | Wednesday, January 30, 2019

I was never a swimmer. I grew up playing soccer my entire life. I was fortunate to have played at a high level competitively my entire youth, as well as progress into playing NCAA Division I soccer for four years. However, it was certainly no easy road, and my dad didn’t make it any easier.

I love my father. He’s the hardest-working person I’ve ever met in my life, and I’ve never once heard him tell a lie. He has a moral center as hard as steel, and there’s no one else in the world I’d rather have as my dad. Having said that, he was a horrible soccer parent, and the way he behaved towards me during my youth soccer years had a terrible effect on our relationship, not only growing up, but for years afterwards into adulthood.

As a swim parent, whether you realize it or not, you play an enormous role in helping shape your child’s overall mindset, not only towards the sport of swimming, but towards themselves. With this article today, I want to speak to you, the swim parents out there, to give you some great approaches for helping your child develop a healthy mindset towards swimming and towards themselves so that you can be the best swim parent you can possibly be. Let’s take a look.

1) Encourage them to prioritize fun and enjoyment before times and results.

Outside of swimming, I work with professional athletes from a plethora of different sports –golf, soccer, baseball, mixed martial arts, etc. And, in the 12 years I’ve been doing this work, I’ve worked with very accomplished athletes, athletes who have won things and earned a lot of money, yet were still miserable, unhappy and unfulfilled. Why? The reason is quite simple: They started perceiving their sport as a grind. A carrot-chasing exercise. A job they felt like they were forced to do rather than a game they loved and enjoyed doing intrinsically.

Times are important. Results are important. External success is something your child should be encouraged to strive for and work for. However, like the professional athletes I mentioned previously, those things won’t matter in any meaningful way if your child achieves them by feeling like swimming is some kind of miserable grind. You need to make sure your child understands that their love for swimming, the fun they have doing it, and the joy they get from participating in it is, and always will be, more important than any time, result, or medal. Not only is loving swimming, having fun, and enjoying the process important for preventing burnout, it will help them perform better and, consequentially, help them achieve the external success both you and they would like to achieve.

2) Let them know that failure is perfectly acceptable – under certain conditions.

It’s so silly how people tend to demonize failure when it is both necessary for improvement and completely unavoidable. The fact is, failure is an important and inevitable part of, not just swimming, but life as a whole. How can your child learn and improve unless they are able to fail and see where and how they need to get better? How can your child develop the mental strength and emotional resilience needed for a healthy mind if they’re not allowed to fail, experience the feelings that come with that, and learn how to work their way through them?

There’s a very big difference between not wanting to fail and being afraid to fail. No one WANTS to fail. I don’t want to fail. You don’t want to fail. Your child doesn’t want to fail. However, that doesn’t mean you, your child or I need to be afraid of it. You need to make sure your child understands failure is not some boogie-man they need to be frightened of. They should be encouraged to see failure for what it actually is – a growth opportunity, a chance for them to improve themselves both physically and mentally to make them into a better swimmer and a stronger human being.

Most importantly, they need to understand failure is only acceptable when it happens under certain conditions. They need to understand there’s a right way to fail, and a wrong way to fail. If they go out there, attempt to coast through their swims, aren’t fully committed, have a bad attitude, and fail that way, that’s the wrong way to fail. They need to know that’s not acceptable in any way. However, if they go out there, give it their absolute all, are fully committed, have the right attitude, and still fail, they need to know that’s perfectly acceptable. That’s the right way to fail.

3) Balance criticism with praise.

Both coaches and parents play an enormous role in shaping the development of a swimmer. It’s the coach’s job to critique your child’s swimming, to point out their shortcomings and the areas where they need to improve the most. And, that’s certainly a job you should leave up to your child’s coach. But, having said that, you have a job that is equally as important, and that’s to provide the necessary balance to the criticism they’ll receive from their coaches by providing them with the praise they need to thrive.

Criticism is important, because your child needs to understand what their weaknesses and faults are so that they can continuously learn and grow as swimmers. Their coaches will provide them with that. However, they also need praise and acknowledgment of their strengths and the things they do well. That’s your role. It’s extremely vital that you act as the source of positive reinforcement and support for your child, because in the end, a large part of their motivation to swim is to impress you. They want to make you proud. When they do well, acknowledge their effort and commend them for having a great attitude. When you do, you’ll keep them in a positive frame of mind, build their enthusiasm for swimming, and help them sustain the motivation need to keep pushing forward.


Will Jonathan is the owner and founder of Green Rhythm Swimming, a professional mental coaching service for competitive and professional swimmers. He is the mental coach for the Florida State University swim team and the author of the book “The Swimmer’s Mind – Mastering The Mental Side Of Swimming”.  To find out more about his mental coaching services, head to his website at To grab a copy of The Swimmer’s Mind,  head to Amazon or  Barnes & Noble online, as well as at Barnes & Noble stores nationwide.